Every woman looks gorgeous in a saree. Saree is available in an infinite number of fabrics in the market. However, when it comes about comfort, the first choice of a woman is a cotton saree. Many people assume that cotton sarees are suitable for daily wear only. On the contrary, cotton sarees are available in wide varieties in the market, khadi cotton, printed cotton sarees, cotton silk, kota cotton (kota doria) and many more.

Cotton fabric is very light and suitable for all skin types as compared to other fabrics. The breathable and absorbent properties of cotton makes the sarees in cotton fit for every weather. Further, cotton sarees are easy to drape and durable as compared to sarees in georgette or chiffon. To know more, let’s discuss in detail the types of cotton sarees for different occasions!

Different Types of Cotton Sarees

  • Printed Cotton saree

    Cotton sarees in floral, shibori and bandhani are most popular among women of all age groups. Floral printed sarees in cotton are best for all occasions; daily or festive. In contrast, bandhani cotton sarees are best suited for festive occasions. There are varied prints available out there, in both large and small proportions. You may opt for the prints as per your body type. For instance, if you are bulky, then opt for the small prints rather than the larger ones.

  • Khadi Cotton

Khadi cotton also known as Khaddar, is usually handspun made out of cotton. The specialty of this fabric is, it is suitable for both summers and winters. Khadi cotton sarees are available at different price ranges in the market depending upon the weaving process and purity of khadi.

There are a variety of designs available in khadi sarees not limited to temple border sarees, madhyomani sarees, pom pom border sarees etc. Working women mostly opt for plain khadi cotton sarees with temple border. The conjecture is khadi cotton is apt for office wear only, however, these days, women are opting these for festive wear also.

  • Kota Cotton (Kota Doria)

Kota Doria is an age-old Indian textile woven in the small town of Rajasthan, Kota. The Doria or threads are fine silk and cotton threads interweaved to make checks-like patterns, hence the name kota checks. Manipuri cotton is another name of Kota doria sarees. Hand woven kota sarees are most popular these days. There are different types of kota dori sarees, block printed, bagru printed, embroidered kota dori, gota patti kota doria and many more. Sarees in Kota doria are comfortable for both festive and daily wear. Furthermore, kota doria with light or no work are also suitable for festive wear due to the mesmerizing lustre of silk threads.

  • Cotton Silk

As the name suggests, cotton silk sarees are a blend of cotton and silk fabrics. Sarees in cotton silk have a beautiful sheen and lustre. Known for their contrasting borders, cotton silk sarees with kanchi borders are admired by women the most. Cotton silk sarees are best suited for festive wear, due to the simplicity and elegance of these sarees.