Best tip for Saree Care

The saree is an epitome of timeless elegance as all women love their sarees and the saree is the most prized possession in every woman’s wardrobe. They have found their place in every Indian women’s wardrobe because of the grace and elegance that they exhibit when you wear them. But, taking care of them might get a little tedious task. 

With that being said, maintaining the garment of such delegate quality radiance doesn’t go without a bit of effort and we do tend to spend a lot of money, time, and effort in finding the perfect material, best color, and amazing texture while you pick a saree, and it is only fair to put in that extra effort to keep them in great condition and best quality.

Here are a few tips that will keep your beautiful saree spotless and bright for years and even mothers approve of these rules for taking care of sarees.

  • Hang sarees out to dry after wearing: If you are not going to wash the saree after you wear it then make it a point to hand it out and dry them. However, don’t hand them in direct sunlight as that can damage the fabric.
  • Avoid using perfumes: Deodorants or perfumes can spell doom. It can destroy the saree's shine and render them useless. However, if you still want to use perfumes especially if we need them in the summer season then you can use them first and give a gap of 20 minutes before you wear the saree.
  • Naphthalene balls to keep bugs out from your sarees: This tip will keep your entire wardrobe free from bugs and is also a great way to keep the space fresh. But don’t let them touch your sarees as it can cause some irreparable damage and keep them in a cloth.
  • Washing & storage tips: Prefer hand wash for cotton sarees to keep them gorgeous for years. For chiffon sarees as well opt for handwashing as the fabric cannot handle machine tumbling. Refold them in small intervals to keep the creases at bay. Dry clean organza and net sarees & refold them on a frequent basis to ensure avoiding loss of form. Synthetic sarees can be washed & stores effortlessly.
  • Care tips for heavy embellished and embroidered saree: This kind of sarees should be folded in a manner that the embroidered side stays inside as it will prevent the embellishments from snagging or tearing apart. Never hang them and make it a compulsory rule to avoid stretch and tear of the fabric.
  • Removing stain: If you are clumsy and get stains on your saree frequently, then don't worry follow this top and you would be sorted. Wash it with cold running water and if required use a mild soap on it. If the stain is oily use talcum powder or glycerin to dry the stain first and then wash it.
  • Fabric bags for storage: Never store your silk sarees in a plastic cover it may cause of chance of fungal growth in natural fibers. Cover those silk sarees in a cotton or muslin cloth. If you can invest in an expensive saree then do invest in a good quality saree cover as well.

We hope these tips will come in handy to you all for preserving your sarees.

June 18, 2022 — Saloni Goel
Cannes 2022: How Indian Celebrities failed to represent India?

Cannes 2022: How Indian Celebrities failed to represent India?

Like every year this year also India was represented by many Indian celebs, entrepreneurs, models, influencers, and more on the Red carpet of Cannes 2022. Every year we see a few new and few old faces at the Cannes 2022 but this year do you think Indians have represented the Indian culture on the Red carpet.

Representing India outside the country is a pride thing and we always want to stay rooted in the culture we belong to and represent it in a way that the others adore our Nation.

Cannes 2020 focuses more on bringing up new fashion trends with unique and quirky outfits & makeup. This is the platform where we can represent India in our world-famous attire Saree which to our shock is loved by many people outside India. They adore the attire and find it different and interesting. 

Let’s see how they could have represented India in the best possible way:

  • Prints - Indian prints are so versatile that they can look so pretty on every design. A gown with a block print design on it or handwoven embroidery work on a Barbie dress will look excellent. This is how we as Indians are as well we blend in every culture keeping our touch behind on that culture when we leave the place. So bringing the prints on the platform will help the world know the prestige prints of India.
  • Designers - Indian designers are so creative that they have grown so much and turned the fashion industry upside down. Designers like Monisha Jaising, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Gaurav Gupta, and many more talented designers are in India who represent us proudly outside India. Cannes can be a turning point for any upcoming designer as they will be able to showcase their creative talent on a platform where their work will be recognized. 
  • Flashback to Indian styles- Designers or representations of Indians could have opted to recreate an iconic look from Bollywood with a touch of present fashion that would have created a great flashback look or a tribute look for Indian styles.

Let’s see the outfits at Cannes that made us proud Indian and where the Indian culture was presented so elegantly be it a saree or a gown.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan (2002)  in an eye-catching, bright mustard yellow and gold saree with heavy gold jewelry by designer Neeta Lulla.

A look that had mixed emotions 

Deepika Padukone (2022) Custom Sabyasachi couture black and gold saree.

She did opt for wearing Louis Vuitton outfits at the Cannes 2022 but she inclined for her Indian heritage with the stunning saree look representing the culture first and then her work. 

Diipa Khosla (2022) her 6th appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in a custom sari by designer Manish Malhotra- A true Indian by heart and soul who opted for an attire that is known as Indian in itself.

Huma Qureshi (2019) for her first Cannes look opted for a beautiful grey gown created by Gaurav Gupta.

These were just a few examples of when we felt proud to be an Indian where the celebs promoted Indian and its artist.

It's not only that you can represent India or grow the country by wearing a saree only but you can promote the art and artists of India on a global level, especially on such a big platform like Cannes where every eye is on you.

This is the time when we support Indian brands and Indian culture in other nations to grow the country. Let's not forget the roots we come from.

How Saree is Becoming Men's Favorite & Why we are loving it?

How Saree is Becoming Men's Favorite & Why we are loving it?

Saree is no more a women’s outfit!! Yes, you heard that right. It is becoming a men’s favorite and we are loving it!

A lot of male influencers on Instagram are nailing the androgynous fashion despite the hate they receive online on daily basis. Some are doing this in an epic way.

For so many people Indian men wearing a saree is hilarious and ridiculous but we have all grown up watching the desi men draping the saree without any worry while selling the saree to the women in a store when they go shopping. We don't find that thing funny or even troll them but then why is man get bullied and trolled when he expresses himself in an androgynous fashion. The men in the saree shops and every guy who thinks that his masculinity isn’t hurt by wrapping the saree on their body, or for that matter any clothing conventionally meant for women, are breaking the gender norms in a true sense.

Why Saree is becoming men’s favorite garment and here is why we think they’re right -

  • Saree is one of the oldest garments and is a symbol of Indian culture. With just a simple saree we can represent so much about our culture just like how Bongmunda (fashion influencer)  wore a saree in Milan and presented our culture in its true self without any shame.
  • Breaking a gender wall- Women have adapted male clothing throughout the years and broke the norm of styling male clothes and now men are doing the same thing by styling saree in their unique way and making it normal for all of us to wear whatever we feel to wear without thinking about gender.
  • Saree and its versatility- A saree has been around for over 5,000 years and has survived the times of cultural invasion and it isn’t just an outfit but also the oldest piece of clothing. We admire how Himanshu Varma has been promoting his thoughts about saree and wearing them for years.
  • We shouldn't ridicule the personal preference of males to wear saree because women are open to male clothing over the years. It was challenging for them as well to dress up like a male but we made it normal and now it's time to make saree normal for all be it male, female, LGBTQ and everyone.

Here are our favorite bloggers who are breaking stereotypes and are promoting sarees over other Indian garments and what they are trying to communicate with their looks.

Pushpak Sen: Pushpan is known as @thebongmunda on Instagram and posts some bomb pictures of makeup that he tries on regular outfits. On the occasion of Bengali New Year, he was seen wearing a saree and makeup which he posted on social media with a caption that shut the trolls before they could even start. He is not new in this trolling thing as in 2020 he went viral when he posted a picture of himself wearing a bold red lip and kohl-lined eyes. For this, his mother was slut shamed at a family gathering as she was wearing the same shade of lipstick but he stood by her side which earned a lot of support and love from netizens. He said that wearing a saree makes him feel closer to her mother as they are divided by continents.

He is truly representing the culture, roots, clan, and community he belongs to. Salute to the man who is speaking up and making saree gender-free.

Himanshu Varma: AKA Saree Man who presents corporate and edgy ways to wear a traditional garment without looking into what the gender cloth it is. His Instagram account is filled with inspiring ways to wear a saree in different ways, His style was first met with skepticism than with total excitement at the notion of unbound ways to recreating the fashion. He is been wearing a saree for the last 12 years to reclaim its gender fluidity.

He finds saree has great comfort and nowadays he loves to experiment with the sartorial identities.

Siddharth Batra: He loves to be a rule-breaker and his versatile sense of style breaks many stereotypes. In fact, his Bio also reads as “Fashion/Grooming rule breaker” & promoting #GuyBeauty. If you have been thinking that fashion is only meant for women then you should go ahead and check Siddharth’s IG feed to elevate the bar of styling sense. He has been styling sarees in so many ways and making in casual for all the males even females also follow him for styling tips on saree.

His style is quirky, unconventional, and OTT with the most experimental fashion.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Mothers Day gift ideas - Give your Mum a treat of happiness

Mother’s Day is just a day away. It's time to celebrate your mom in a major way and most have taken on many more hats these days as they are working overtime to make sure their families are healthy and happy. They are on their toes wearing a saree and running around the whole day. We can never doubt the strength of mothers as they are the strongest people known. May all the mothers feel honored and appreciated.

Moms will always appreciate the thoughtful presents but mother's day is not only about spending money. It is a special day of the year to show your mom your love. As a daughter or son, you need to make it special and not like the regular days. Your mom will have lots of wishes filled in her heart and it is your responsibility to bring her dreams come true on this exclusive day. Understanding the importance, are you ready to bring out the special day filled with memories? With some exciting ideas and gifts that will help you out. 

Go through and explore the mother’s day gift ideas and make the day full of memories with a unique and personalized way to show your love.

Softened Saree: There are some things about the sarees that are so comforting and soft. These linen sarees are a luxury and at the same time at a great price. You can choose from a wide range of colors. A pretty way to add colors to your wardrobe for spring.

  • Kanjeevaram Saree: Kanjeevaram fabric is considered one of the finest, most durable, and strong fabrics. Kanjeevaram saree will give a perfect traditional look to your mom.
  • Banarasi Saree: Banarasi sarees are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, opulent embroidery, and fine silk. These sarees can be a great collection to be added to your mom's wardrobe.
  • One-Minute Saree: These are pre-stitched sarees that are hassle-free and worn without worrying about perfect drape and fitting. Moms will love to have the 1-minute saree in their wardrobe so that they can have that extra time to relax instead of draping the saree perfectly.

Memories in a Photo Frame: You have lots and lots of memories shared with your mother. Days where you spent time together going out and chilling. The time you enjoyed together might not give you more joy and fun but the time that you recollect the memories will have ample joy. So try and bring back that pleasant surprise in the form of photos in a frame. She will burst with tears of happiness and make her feel your presence in the joyful time.

Care for Her with Healthy Hampers: People of every gar need love and they also long for it. Especially while growing old they will start feeling alone which will make them lose interest in taking care of their health. As a middle-aged person, you are going to be busy with several routine tasks. However, this is the best time for you to show that you care for her and her health. You have different options to present her like a personalized coffee mug, pocket of green tea, or some other health care products that they need. Choose the right mothers day gifts and try to care for her and her health.

A Surprise Outing: Have you ever felt that your mother is spending a lot of her time inside the house and not going out at all and that she needs some time to go out and enjoy nature? She must be a thing of going out and doing some things but she sacrifices all that for the wellness of the family and you. So think about it, this can be the best way to show her you care and love for her. You can decorate her room, cook for her or with her or even take her to some of her favorite places. You can even invite some of her friends who are close to her heart and miss them. This can be a perfect gift for a special occasion.

Jewelry: A minimalistic jewelry piece will never hurt anyone. You can surely gift her a dainty necklace that is minimalistic and can go with every outfit and let me tell you mothers love a good piece of jewelry with her traditional saree like Kanjeevaram Saree and Banarasi Saree.

I hope that this list of gift ideas is helpful. So many unique ideas that your mom would love. No matter what, if you are away send her a card or call her or even better video call her. These days are fleeting and won’t be always here.

5 times when Alia chose to wear sarees

5 times when Alia chose to wear sarees

Alia Bhatt has inspired us in her stunning saree looks for different events. Bollywood actress are bringing back the traditional outfits in important occasions that we are loving.
April 19, 2022 — Saloni Goel
Ways in which Alia Bhatt broke stereotypes in her wedding

Ways in which Alia Bhatt broke stereotypes in her wedding

Alia Bhatt's and Ranbir Kapoor's wedding was a big celebration that happened last week and the new couple have broken the stereotypes in a good way that we all are cherishing it with respect and love.
Desi Girl: Priyanka Chopra Stealing hearts in Saree.

Desi Girl: Priyanka Chopra Stealing hearts in Saree.

Priyanka Chopra has been in our hearts from her Miss India days and she has achieved a lot of respect for herself from the moment she started working in the Entertainment industry. Her fashion statements are upto mark and never dissapoinyed us.
Trending Saree color combinations of 2022

Trending Saree color combinations of 2022

Colors are important part to choose when you are buying a saree because you have to be unto date with the trending colors. In the blog we talk about the color combinations you should try out this year.
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Navratri outfit ideas: Let’s do some mix and match

Navratri outfit ideas: Let’s do some mix and match

Carrying same traditional outfit can be boring, so why not mix up Indian and western look to create something new or this Navratri festival.
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Fashion tips for making your Summer cool.

Fashion tips for making your Summer cool.

Summers are getting harsh and it is becoming difficult to be in fashion because of the heat but with the tips that we have shared in the blog is what you need to have with you and be Summer cool.
April 04, 2022 — Saloni Goel
Women of India - Breaking the Bias

Women of India - Breaking the Bias

The history of India and the women of India is full of Pioneers who have broken barriers like gender biases and worked hard for their rights to make progress in fields like politics, science, arts, law, etc.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, we are sharing the stories of 5 women who in a decidedly gender unequal world made their way and empowered and inspired many lives. With the work they do and their lives, they have shown us how we all can come together to #Breakthebias which is the theme of this year’s Women’s Day.

These SheTheHeros have shown us that women are capable just as men can achieve anything they put their heart and mind to. These women have not just achieved individual milestones but have also contributed significantly to society to impact it positively.

Let’s celebrate this day with these women who have dared to dream big and imagined a more gender-inclusive and diverse world.

  1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw - Women who changed the face of Biotechnology in India

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was nominated in the #WomenInLeadershio Campaign for Gender STIs, which celebrates women leaders in the field of technology, science, and innovation by the Euro India Research Centre in India.

She is the Executive Chairperson of India’s largest biopharmaceutical company ‘Biocon’. The first generation entrepreneur and global business leader with over experience of four decades in biotechnology. She started this journey of passion in 1978 from her small garage in India and today that journey is changing lives for the better across the world.

She had a strong sense of purpose to make a difference and the determination to buck the trend of Indian women who run a corporation. She had started a group of companies that are engaged in serving millions of patients across the globe by enabling affordable access and providing cutting-edge research services to leading global life sciences companies.

  1. Mithali Raj - The Pride of Indian Cricket Team

Raj said in a statement on her Twitter handle that “Women in sport are powerful catalysts of change and when they get the appreciation they deserve, it inspires change in several other women wanting to achieve their dreams" "I sincerely hope that my journey inspires young girls all across the country to pursue their dreams and know that only when you dream can you make it happen."

Mithali Raj having captained the women in blue has become synonymous with Women’s cricket in India. This women cricketer has wowed the world with her finesse in a sport that was rather considered male-oriented. She became an inspiration for each and every woman cricketer dreaming of wearing a blue jersey and the chance to represent India on the international platform.

She has also quotes that the biggest challenge that she faces while starting her journey into cricket in the 90s was that her immediate family members were not very keen that she has got into sports.

But there was no looking back for her once she started her Journey with Cricket.

  1. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Not just a Star for Bollywood & Hollywood but a star of India

Priyanka’s journey from a beauty pageant to a famous celebrity looks glamorous but she has fought her fights whenever there was inequality whether it be for the education for her maid’s girl child or be it supporting UNICEF or even be it inequality on the sets of film or people judging her on her looks. She stood for herself and for others.

As a woman and Indian immigrant, Priyanka has been specifically active in supporting the campaigns that are surrounded by adolescent girl’s rights in India where she has also helped UNICEF publicize the Dare to Care campaign where the moment was aimed to demand improvement of the lives of marginalized young women. Bein an ambassador of UNICEF she also voices her support for the “End Violence against Children” campaign which raises awareness about child marriages and physical, emotional, and sexual violence that young women in India face.

  1. Kiran Bedi - A fearless Women

Kiran Bedi has many titles to her name that have otherwise considered not a good fit for a woman because it's a field of men.

She is an Indian politician, former tennis player, social activist, and retired police officer. Kiran Bedi was the first woman IPS officer of India who won the President’s police medal in the year 1979. She is a woman of many accolades who inspired millions of young girls to take a stand and not let anyone else reign their lives.

Apart from this journey, this courageous woman has also won the Magsaysay Award. Closing it on the sentence that she has proven that women are not just meant for the household work.

  1. Captain Radhika Menon - First Female Merchant Navy Captain

Captain Radhika Menin started her journey as a radio officer which progressed o a deck office and later she was appointed as Master of the Sampurna Swarajya.

In the year 2012, Radhika Menon broke the stereotype and became the first Indian woman captain in the Merchant Navy. After she saved seven fishermen who got lost at the sea she was facilitated by the Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea from the International Maritime Organisation in 2016.

Not just these 5, but India has many incredible women who have broken the bias and made their presence in the field where only men used to rule. It is not about Men or Women but it is about equality and growing together to become strong.

It’s time to ‘Break The Bias’: International Women’s Day

It’s time to ‘Break The Bias’: International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated to recognize women around the world, regardless of their culture, political affiliations, linguistic, national, ethnic, or economic, for their personal and professional achievements. Now it's time to recognize the value and impact of a woman. The happiness they bring into our lives, the achievements made across history, and the future we can look forward to changing.

The theme of this year's International Women's Day is #BreakTheBias which is a global campaign that has been initiated to raise awareness around bias and encourage action toward women's equality. The campaign seeks to elevate the visibility of women creatives with a focus on building workplaces where women thrive. Inspires women to pursue their goals without barrier, celebrate women solidifying change, forge women's equality in tech and empower women's healthcare choices.

Now it's time for all the leaders to uplift the voices of women everywhere for those who hesitate to speak up about bias outside and in the workplace and for those who are actively advocating against it.

International Women's Day is a beautiful moment for all of us to reflect and celebrate the strides that are made in women empowerment globally, regardless of gender. Together, we can make more progress in support of women's rights economically, socially, politically, and culturally to take it further.

It may not be noticeable to many but gender biases and stereotypes have been deeply ingrained into our working norms by influencing the way we work straight from the hiring processes to our daily lives.

We hope that this information has inspired you to join in the process of challenging bias and spark change everywhere.

Interesting things that you may not have known about Women's Day.

Most of us are aware that March 8 is dedicated to celebrating women and women's rights and is known as International Women's Day. But don't forget that while celebrating 1 day out of 365 where women are honored it doesn't mean that we forget about supporting the women around you the remaining 364 days of the year. We strongly believe that each and every day we should support the people around us irrespective of their gender. So, keep an eye out and be there for them when they need a helping band or a strong shoulder to lean on.

Hurrah for each and every woman we love and those that we don't know buy who work hard to make a better world each and every day.

  • The first National Woman's Day was observed on 28th February across the US in 1901. However, it was only in the year 1975 that the United Nations began celebrating it on March 8 as International Women's Day.
  • The Official flower for Women's Day is Mimosa.
  • The color for Women's Day is Purple.
  • Women's Day was first declared as holiday elegance in Russia in 1917.

Happy International Women's Day!

March 08, 2022 — Saloni Goel