Why Glamwiz was started?

Glamwiz is an Indian brand that was founded by Saloni Goel, with the aim of providing modern women with easy-to-wear sarees that are perfect for their busy lifestyle.

The brand recognizes that women today have many roles to play and often have to balance multiple responsibilities. As a result, they don't always have the time to drape a saree. Saloni, herself couldn’t drape the saree because one it’s time consuming and second the drapes are uneven sometimes. Glamwiz offers a range of ready-to-wear sarees that are perfect for such women who love sarees but have limited time to wear them.


Saloni describes Saree as a garment that represents identity of a woman. According to her, Saree is not just an Indian garment but it is something that represents one’s identity in way you drape it or wear it. With her passion to revive and evolve the fashion of saree for the millennials, she founded Glamwiz in Sep, 2020.

Glamwiz's collection of ready-to-wear sarees is designed to provide a hassle-free solution to women who want to wear sarees. The sarees come with stitched pleats, making them easy to wear and ideal for all sizes. The brand's designers have carefully crafted each piece to ensure that it meets the latest trends and styles, ensuring that every woman feels fashionable and confident when wearing a Glamwiz saree.

Glamwiz's mission is to make sarees accessible to every woman, regardless of her lifestyle or schedule. The brand's dedication to its customers is evident in its affordable prices. With Glamwiz, women can enjoy the beauty and elegance of a saree, without compromising on their comfort or time. 

Our Vision

To empower the women of India and make sarees, an everyday garment for new generation.