Why Glamwiz was started?

On her quest to start something meaningful in clothing industry, our founder Saloni Goel found an absence of true essence of a saree. Although sarees are being loved by 90% of women but only few are wearing it because brands selling sarees are somewhat failing to present the true significance of a saree. Another factor being the draping issues faced by many women. Saloni, herself couldn’t drape the saree because one it’s time consuming and second the drapes are uneven sometimes.


Saloni describes Saree as a garment that represents identity of a woman. According to her, Saree is not just an Indian garment but it is something that represents one’s identity in way you drape it or wear it.


With her passion to revive and evolve the fashion of saree for the millennials, she founded Glamwiz in Sep, 2020.

Unlike other Saree brands, who are just focused on selling sarees, we at Glamwiz aim to represent the true identity of India’s oldest garment saree by highlighting upon it’s versatility.


Glamwiz is a solution focused brand where you can find solutions to your saree related problem, be it blouse stitching, finding the right saree with the help of our customer support, getting your wedding saree customized, and resolving the issue of draping a saree with Glamwiz’s pre-stitched sarees.


 We are on a mission to make saree an everyday garment for women not only in India but across the globe. At Glamwiz, we believe that every person has a unique personality and therefore, Glamwiz has sarees for woman who seeks comfort, we have sarees for confident woman or a playful women, we have sarees for woman who like to keep it traditional, modern sarees to resonate with contemporary women and we also customize silk sarees for a bride.

Our aim is to promote individuality among women of all age groups and there is nothing in fashion better than a saree to represent it. You can wear a saree with denims, you can drape a saree traditionally, drape it like a dhoti or drape it like a dress. Each time you drape a saree differently, you reflect a unique personality that reflect your true essence.

Our Mission

To empower the women of India and make sarees, an everyday garment for new generation.