Every woman must have worn a plain saree once in her lifetime. Plain sarees are usually solid sarees with no work and border, often paired with a contrast blouse. A solid saree comes in variety of fabric, colors and texture. The trend of plain solid sarees is brought back by the Bollywood actresses like Vidya Balan, Deepika Padukone and many more. No wonder, plain sarees are finding their way back in every woman’s wardrobe. Plain sarees are the most versatile type of sarees that can be styled in plethora of ways. To elevate your look in a plain saree, you need to be very picky regarding styling. Styling has different elements such as choosing the right jewelry, color and drape. While there are numerous styling tips available for a saree, we have sorted out the best 5 for you:

5 Simple Tips to Style a Plain Saree

  • Statement blouse

Add a unique touch to your plain saree with a statement blouse. You can opt for the customized blouse like ruffles blouse, bralette with embellishments, printed blouse and so on. If you do not have time to get a blouse stitched, just take your old shirt, knot it up and wear it as a blouse. Besides, you can also wear your crop tee as a blouse. When it comes to plain sarees, there are endless options for blouse. One way is to recycle your old blouse and to use it with your plain saree. You can also find the ready made blouses, easily available in the market. However, always keep in mind that the color of your blouse must complement your saree’s color.

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  • Amp up with accessories

Accessorizing an outfit is always an important part while dressing up. The primary rule to accessorize a plain saree is never overdo or over accessorize. For a quirky look, you can add on chunky neckpieces like silver oxidized jewelry or simple handmade jewelry. You can also add on belt if you want to emphasize your waist curves. While accessorizing, wear the jewelry that complements each other. For instance, with silver jewelry, go with the silver belt or a kamarbandh. If you are not a jewelry lover, you can also opt for a chunky or a ethnic handbag to elevate your overall look. Just add on a chain with a statement handbag and you’re done!

  • Drape it differently

Who said that styling is all about accessorizing? Due to its versatility, a saree can also be styled without accessorizing. All you need is good draping tactics. A saree when draped differently, adds a unique touch to your overall look. The latest draping styles are scarf style, dhoti style, low waist drape and so on. Scarf draping style, when paired with white shirt or tube top give you an eccentric look in a crowd. For scarf draping style, you can go for a single color from top to bottom, rather than opting for contrast blouse.

  • Add a Jacket

Sarees with jacket are never going out of trend. Jacket is a best add on to style your plain saree during winters. Just add on a contrasting jacket with heavy border or embellishment and see how it transforms your look. Other than jackets, you can also opt for shrugs to add a fusion touch to your sarees. This hack works best if you are looking to transform your look completely just with a piece of cloth. Invest in jackets in classic colors like black, golden or blue so as to complete the plain sarees in your wardrobe.

  • Complement with Brooch

Are you looking for a minimalistic plain saree look? Well, what can be better than accessorizing your saree with a brooch. A brooch not only adds charm to your plain saree but also helps in securing the saree pleats neatly. For a wedding function, you can also add on a waistbelt along with a brooch to elevate your look.

While buying a plain saree, always looks for the colors that complement your skin tone. Look for the flowy fabric such as satin saree, georgette or silk sarees.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel