Indian weddings are as extravagant as a wedding can be! In Indian weddings last for even a whole month or more than that with all the functions lining up one after another and each has their own theme and dress codes. NO matter where the wedding is happening, in the backyard of the house or an exotic destination it is filled with bursts of colors and different events.

The Indian culture is best represented in the weddings so guests and the family members feel very conscious while picking out their wedding outfits. It needs quite a taste and is a task to pick an outfit for every event in the wedding. Specially with the changing weather it gets difficult to choose the outfit for the wedding.

We are here with some wedding tips for every season that can come handy.

Indian Summer Wedding Tips

  • Colors for the Summer Wedding: No need to stick to reds and greens in your summer wedding. You can play along the colors like bright yellow, flamingo orange, cobalt blue or a hot pink color. Don’t prefer dull colors and black is usually not prefered in Indian culture for important occasions. Pastel can be a game changing color for outdoor summer weddings which gives an easy and freezy vibe.
  • Tie up your hairs: This styling tip is specially for our summer brides. Avoid keeping your hair open in summers. It is already difficult to manage open hair on normal days of summer so imagine how difficult it will be in a wedding and this is the last thing as a bride you would want to worry about. Go for an accessorized bun or a chic messy bun with pretty flowers.
  • Fabrics: For a summer wedding you should always opt for cooler and lighter fabrics. Choosing fabrics like khadi, cotton, organza, chikankari, chiffon, rayon or georgette for your summer wedding is the best and should be your go to fabric.

Indian Monsoon/Autumn Wedding Tips

  • Lightweight fabrics: Opting fabrics that are heavy like velvet, raw silk etc can be a bad choice for a monsoon wedding . Avoiding these fabrics will make you comfortable and save up your time to dry it if it gets wet. Go for fabrics like net, satin, crepe or chiffon. They are not only light but comfortable as well.
  • Avoid Bling: Go for minimalist designs instead of heavy embellished lehengas or sarees. Try out thread work, rich lacework or minimal embroidery work instead to accentuate your outfit.
  • Accessorize Less: Monsoons sometimes can bring humidity. They cannot be airy and fresh all the time so this is the reason you should keep your jewelry minimal. Don’t layer up, instead try statement pieces and chokers.

Indian Winter Wedding Tips

  • Fabric: Go for silks and velvet fabrics which will keep you warm throughout the day. And opt for fabrics like linen cotton, raw silk or crop tops in fur or knitwear for your blouses.
  • Layer Up: Layer your saree or Lehenga with an embroidered shawl as a dupatta which is wrapped around. Opt for heavy silk dupattas. You can also try out embroidered waistcoat jackets as saree blouses. Layering is the best advice for winter which is stylish as well as will help you with the cold.
  • Footwear: Open footwears are not a good idea for a wedding in winter as they will numb your feet in a few minutes. Go for ballets or pumps with ankle length socks which will keep your feet warm.

To all over fashion lovers and ladies who are looking for wedding guides, we hope these tips will help you survive in every season.