What are your thoughts on weddings? Like the preparations and decorations. Are you a person who likes all that tam-jham, band baja and glitter. I mean just look how Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have prepared for their wedding which was a chatt mangni and patt biyah. After spending 5 years together finally this couple has tied know on April 14, 2022, in a hush-hush affair in the presence of their family and close friends. After getting married the happy bride shared some happy moments from her wedding that got all of us Awestruck.

The bride and groom were a Sabyasachi couple just like all the other B-Town couples but the difference in this wedding was the simplicity and everything was about white and gold. Her look broke not just 1 but many stereotypes. Right from her mehendi to her hairdo, Alia Bhatt, or as we may say now Mrs.Kapoor has set the standards high for all the girls who are planning to get married with her simplicity, elegance, and charm.

As the wedding photos were out we couldn’t help but notice that the bride has broken so many rules- in a good way to make her wedding perfect.

Let’s have a look at the stereotypes that Alia has broken.

The Wedding Outfit

A Sabyasachi bride has been seen wearing red or maroon like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif but Alia Bhatt ditched those colors despite being a Sabyasachi bride. She opted for an ivory organza saree with tilla work ditching the traditional heavy lehenga. She is becoming an inspiration to all the brides-to-be who want their wedding outfits light as air. Every piece of that outfit from her saree to blouse to the dupatta was so uncomplicated that one can easily re-wear them again and again unlike those heavy lehenga’s that we wear only once. Also, how can we miss that customized veil that she wore that has “ the fourteenth of April 2022” engraved on it.


Alia Bhatt has truly showcased who she really is with her bridal makeup which was as unique and simple as she herself is. With no heavy eyes, no red lips, or no heavy base she decided to go for a soft glam no make-up look which made Alia look so elegant yet classy that anyone can recreate this look easily.


The most attractive part of her look was her hair. Alia Bhatt here as well has ditched to tie her hair in a bun and let her hair down which was the best decision. She middle partitioned her wavy hair and accessorized it with a Mathapatti and Mang tikka, she complete the look with a tiny red bindi. Her overall look screamed that she is being who she is in real life. A down-to-earth, simple and girl next door.


Alia opted for a minimal Mehendi design that was made on the front and back of her hands, unlike other brides who have their mehendi cross the wrist. But Alia being Alia chose a classic and elegant design for her big day.

Wedding Venue

Unlike other B-Town weddings, this was the most intimate wedding with family members and close friends that we have seen so far. Breaking the myth of celeb’s grand wedding, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt chose to get married on the balcony of their apartment in Vastu residence, in Pali Hill Bandra which is close to their hearts as they have spent 5 years.

The Pheras - 4 instead of 7

In an interview, Alia’s half-brother Rahul Bhatt revealed that the duo didn't take 7 but 4 pheras. The tradition is that a groom and bride take rounds around the sacred fire 7 times and make wedding vows to each other. While in Gujaratis and Sindhis they take our pheras instead of seven which is what #Ralia did.

It is said that at least four pheras should be taken around Agni and the four pheras that signify the main aims of life are Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Our new bride and groom Alia and Ranbir have broken some stereotypes with their wedding in a good way that we all are cherishing them for their simplicity and wish them love and happiness for the new journey of love that they have embarked on.