Silk Sarees kanjeevaram are one of the most traditional and rich handlooms of India. From top bollywood actresses like Rekha to common household women, Kanjeevaram silk sarees are famous among all women. However, these highly expensive sarees need to be maintained properly in order to prevent them from losing their lustre. Read on to know some easy tips and tricks to keep your pure kanjeevaram sarees gorgeous always!

How to wash your Kanchipuram Sarees?

  • Dry-cleaning: Always dry clean your silk sarees, especially pure kanjeevaram silk sarees, instead of washing them at home. Dry cleaning keeps the shine and lustre of a fabric intact.
  • Home Washing: For home washing, always prefer cold water with shampoo for silk sarees. Washing Kanjeevaram silk sarees in hot water may result in weakening of silk fibres. 
  • Drying: Do not wring silk sarees ever, let the saree tumble dry to remove excess water. Always dry kanjeevaram in shade to prevent the color from fading.
  • Detergents & soaps: Prefer shampoo wash over detergents for  all types of silk sarees.

To Prevent Color Bleeding:

  • Wash silk garments separately from one another and other delicates to prevent colour bleeding.
  • Turn clothing inside-out prior to washing.

Removing Stains

Silk sarees require high maintenance, in case you have stained your saree anyhow, get it dry cleaned without much delay. The longer you leave the stain like that, the harder it will get to remove the stain.

Where to store your Kanjeevaram Sarees? 

To keep the beauty of silk sarees in kanjeevaram intact:

  • Always store them in cool, shady places.
  • Do not over-fold your bridal kanjeevaram sarees. Too much folding can form a lot of creases which may cause weakening of silk fibres. 
  • Prefer hanging kanjeevaram sarees in your almirah.
  • Wrap the silk sarees in a cotton or muslin fabric or hang them in a saree cover to keep their beauty unflawed.

Steaming vs. Pressing your Bridal Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

 Ironing: Never ever iron your pure kanjeevaram sarees directly. Always put a cloth on it and then iron. Direct ironing can damage the silk fabric. 

Steaming: Steaming is always  the safest way to remove wrinkles in silk clothing.  

Moth Prevention

If you are planning to store your kanjeevaram saree for a long time, use moth repellents like silica gel or neem leaves, however refrain from using naphthalene balls as it can damage the texture of your saree.