Every girl loves to dress up in a saree as they are the most gorgeous and elegant piece of clothing on earth. If you are planning to wear a saree then choosing footwear that goes with it depends on a number of factors like which occasion you are wearing the saree and the style in which you plan to wear it.

People have a popular misconception that you can wear any footwear with sarees as they won’t be even visible to anyone. Well, let us clear that this is a myth that we are here to bust. Even if people do not notice your shoes they are visible when you are sitting or walking and you don’t want to leave a bad impression on anyone because people judge by the footwear that you wear so be careful while choosing one for yourself.

Let’s check out what footwear we can style with a saree:

Strappy Heels: Strappy heels with a saree give you a stunning look and make you look more confident and stylish in your own self. So these heels are the best choice of footwear that goes well with a saree.

Stilettos: The most stylish mixture is a saree with stilettos. From Bollywood to Tollywood to Tv Series we have seen many heroines wearing their saree with stilettos heels at awards, weddings, or festivals.

Flip Flop: This is the most loved footwear by young girls, as they are energetic and want to walk in effortlessly this is the perfect shoe for them. They are relaxed yet good looking with a saree so style it with your saree on a college or university event to walk without any hassle.

Mojari or Juti’s: Yet another pair of footwear that is comfortable yet stylish. This style of footwear can go very well with a heavily embellished sari. Whether it be your close friend’s wedding or any relative’s wedding wear it without any second thought with your saree.

Sport Shoes: Indo western style is trending a lot this day and we know you wear waiting to read this in our suggestion. Styling your saree with a sports shoe is a new style that is going viral for comfy streetwear with the elegance of the saree. Today’s girls are rocking this look styling their saree with a crop top and sports shoes making it all look casual yet chic.

Block Heels: If you wish to wear heels but are afraid of balancing yourself in a saree then block heels are your savior. You can pick the block heels that will not interrupt you while walking in a saree. Go for a medium height of 3-4 inches in heels.

Oxford Shoes: Like we didn’t imagine styling sports shoes with a saree can go viral, Oxford boots have come in line after that, and have you ever imagined styling oxford boots with a saree? No right but It looks very cool for getting a tomboy look. Style it with a cotton saree (remember to tuck it a bit higher on your waist) and minimize your jewelry to get that classy look.

There are many other styles of footwear as well that you can wear with a saree but you have to know your style and play around with experiments! We will be back soon with more fashion-related topics here until then keep creating new looks from sarees.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel