Sarees, a classic fashion piece that never goes out of style. Saris are a part of every woman’s wardrobe, irrespective of their fashion style. Sarees are the only ones that can be worn at any occasion without looking boring, be it a wedding, festivals, a birthday party or even at the office. However, wearing a saree in the same typical way can be so boring. Read on to know different saree draping styles to look nothing less than a diva!

Dhoti Draping

Dhotis, commonly known as dhoti salwar, is a popular fashion trend among those who love Indian clothes. However, you might not be aware that a saree can also be worn as a dhoti. All you need to do is to wear leggings or pants instead of a petticoat and just drape the saree like a dhoti.

Pant Draping

Pant draping is the best way of saree draping if you are running late for a party and want to look stylish in less time. Just like dhoti style draping, saree draping over a pant is also very easy. All you need to do is wear trousers or pants, and drape the saree on one side by forming pleats and let your trousers show from the other side.

Palazzo Style

A variation of pant style saree just replace your pants or trousers with palazzo or wide leg pants. Drape the saree by forming pleats on one side of your plazo and hence, your saree is ready!

Lehenga Style

Can’t spend much to buy the lehenga for your bestie’s wedding? Well, you can get one for free by draping your mother’s best saree like a lehenga. Just pleat the saree while wrapping it around the waist and hence, your lehenga is ready!

Mumtaz Style

A retro style of draping, which is making a comeback among the celebrities these days. Mumtaz saree draping is the most stylish of all the saree draping styles out there. Mumtaz style saree is not only about retro themed parties but you can wear this style anywhere and not only that it’s very easy to drape a saree like Mumtaz!

Belted Saree

Belts are enough to add an oomph to any outfit, be it dresses or sarees. If you want to invest less to add that extra glamour to your outfit, just wear a belt. There are a variety of belts available in the market, such as corset belts, leather belts, wide belts, etc. Choose the belts carefully as per your body type.

Front Pallu Saree

Another classic style of draping that is making its comeback on the fashion ramp. Just drape the saree in the same traditional way but draping the pallu in the front.

Double Pallu Saree

Give a new twist to your saree and let everyone wonder how you did it! A saree trend popularized by Sonam Kapoor in sarees. For double pallu saree, take a mismatched dupatta and drape it from the back to the front.  

Replace the Blouse

An economical way to make a saree look stylish just by wearing some (top) mismatched (with your saree) as a blouse. You can opt for the angarahas, t-shirt, kurtis, crop tees, bustier, etc. and there you are ready to rock a party!

Scarf Style Draping

Be a trendsetter at your workplace with this style of saree draping, if your office’s dress code is a saree. Drape the saree in its traditional way, just wrap the pallu of your saree like a scarf around the neck.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel