Holi has many interesting stories behind it and spring is marked by the festival of colors. One story behind this festival is of the immortal love of Krishna and Radha. This festival is a fun and frolic way to welcome the spring and win the blessings of Gods for good fertility and harvests of the land.

Holi is symbolized as a new beginning and letting go of emotional impurities from the past.

Hence, Holi is knocking on our doors, get ready to play with colors and smear your friends and family with Gulaal. This festival is fun, funky, and freewheeling that's why it is the favorite festival of many people. So let’s celebrate Holi by giving a small twist to your regular looks. Unlike other traditional festivals in India where you get ready in a new dress and makeup, Holi is a festival of messing up with colors and water all over your body so don’t mistake wearing your expensive dress because it will be a mess.

Therefore looking stylish in this festive season might sound like a challenge but don’t worry it is not that difficult. There are many ways in which you can style up for Holi and keep yourself in a comfortable glam avatar.

Check out your style for this Holi:

Denim Shorts: By the time holi arrives we start feeling hot as summers start by then and hence Denim shorts are the best to choose to wear ignoring the jeans or palazzos (Palazzos because after getting wet they can be hard to carry). You can select your old denim shorts to give a more relaxed and chic outfit for this festive season with a plain tee or short Kurti to go with it.

Cotton Kurti: In the hot season nothing can make you look cooler than cotton does and it is the comfiest fabric to wear. Whether you are a girl or a boy white kurta always compliments you and it gives you a comfy look and feels to play Holi with colors and water. Combine the look with a printed dupatta to steal the look.

Sunnies for your Eyes: They are perfect to add that extra glamour to your attire. You can go for the classic aviators and steal the best look at the party. They will help your eyes not only from the heat but also will protect you from the harsh colors. So this look is a win-win look for you.

Cap for the heat and hair: Adding a cap to your outfit will help you to protect your hair from the damage from the colors and it will also give you relief on a sunny day.

Flip Flops: This is a festival where looking messy is good unlike any other Indian festivals where you have to wear those high heels or wedges. On Holi you can just run around in a flip flop.

Bonus Tips for Holi

  • Go for loose clothes. Do not wear expensive or too tight clothes.
  • Try a messy look, it is the advantage of this festival.
  • Don’t wear heavy clothes.
  • Apply moisturizer on your skin to protect it from allery and colors.
  • Apply sunscreen because you are going to be under sun the entire day.
  • Oil your hair before starting the day.

Festivals are meant to spread happiness, love, joy and blessings amonst everone without harming anybody. So take care of your skin and slay in confidence to l=rock that messy look and enjoy the festival of colors wholeheartly.

April 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel