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Saree is a piece of cloth that can be draped as one wishes. Most people assume that there are only a handful of ways to wear the saree, when, in fact, there are myriad ways available. Saree is the only garment popular among all age groups. From the previous times, sarees are draped over an A-line under skirt often known as ‘petticoat.’ However, the young women, today, are looking for the alternatives to replace the traditional under skirt or petticoat. Let’s discuss in detail the different alternatives to replace your petticoat while looking elegant in a saree!


Replace with a Shapewear

Shapewear petticoat create a slim base while you drape a saree. With the advent of bloggers, shapewear is making room in women’s wardrobe. Besides, easing the draping process, shapewear also provides an ease of movement to the wearer due to its elasticity. Moreover, a shapewear also hides the unwanted bulges that give you a slim look. Saree shapewear are available in many color options and all sizes.


Saree in Heavy Fabrics

Heavier fabrics, generally embroidered ones have minimal fabrics visibility. Therefore, saree in fabrics like velvet, lycra and heavy cotton can be draped without an underskirt. You can replace the petticoat with the leggings or shorts to serve as a base for pleating and tucking. The leggings or shorts must always be in cotton, so as to keep the drape of the saree intact.


Pre-stitched sarees

Ready-made or pre-stitched sarees come with stitched pleats – the hottest trend these days. Pre-stitched sarees take away all the hassles from wearing a petticoat to draping a saree. If you often face difficulty in tying a saree, you can convert your favorite saree into a ready-made one with the help of a tailor. These days, you can find tons of options in pre-stitched sarees from ruffles to layered sarees, basic to a-line sarees, and whatnot.


Change the draping style

There are a few styles which you can wear without a petticoat – Dhoti style, Andhra puja style and Maharashtrian Nauvari draping (this requires special sari). For instance, dhoti saree is draped by pulling the saree through the legs and forming peats on each side.


Replace with trousers

Ditch your petticoat by pairing up your saree with a trouser. Pant saree has become so popular these days. You can pair up your saree with trousers like dhoti, palazzo pants, or denims. Bloggers like Komal Pandey, Aakriti Ahuja, etc, have created many inspiring looks in sarees with trousers. In addition, you can also take cues from stylish runway look on styling a saree with trousers.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel