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We all have that most beautiful salwar suit in our wardrobe that we don’t want to throw away just like that. Besides, we all are inspired with fashion recycling or fashion redesigning; and therefore, looking up for the ways to do the same with the favorite clothing in our wardrobe. If you also have that favorite salwar kameez stowed in your wardrobe for years then we have got it all covered to redesign it for you.

5 Useful Tips to turn your old salwar suit into the new one

  • Add design to sleeves

Turn the simple sleeves of your salwar suit into a designer one as per your requirements:

  1. Sleeves are too tight, how to increase the size? Get a thin strip of contrasting fabric stitched (in the required width) at the middle portion across the length of your sleeves. Embellish it with buttons or leave it like that if your salwar suit is simple.
  2. How to increase the length of sleeves? Get a contrasting fabric, either plain or embroidered (in desired length) across the width of the sleeves. Finish if off with a lace.
  3. Too simple sleeves? Add on the designs like cutwork or keyhole in the desired shape. Just choose from the available designs and let the tailor do the job for you.
  • Add design to necklines

Wearing the same design repeatedly can be very boring. However, you can change the complete look of your salwar suits by investing a little. Designs like geometric cutwork, front keyhole, etc. can change the look of your old suit completely. Also, you can go with the triangular ribbon lace or frill lace if you’re looking for some handy ideas to revamp your old suit.

  • Replace your old dupatta with new dupatta

Turn your old suit into a new one by investing in a new dupatta. Incase, you don’t want to invest, detach your old saree’s palla (a mismatched one) to utilize as new dupatta for your salwar suit.

Utilize your old dupatta: Further, you can also convert your old dupatta by redesigning it in a shrug (if the dupatta is light) or top or jacket (if the dupatta is heavy).

  • Redesign palazzo from your old salwar

Bored of wearing the same salwar? Revamp the look completely by converting your salwar into palazzo or pant. You can take the help of the tailor if you don’t know how to do it or just do it by yourself.

  • Turn your old kurti into a peplum top

Another handy idea to get the new outfit ready from your old salwar suit is by converting your kurti into a peplum top. Get it done by yourself or from your nearby tailor. Pair it up with the patiala salwar and hence, your new outfit is ready to rock.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel