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Paithani Saree

Named after the town of Paithan in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Paithani Sarees are considered royalty among rich silk sarees. These are made with pure silk threads and zari. They were traditionally hand-woven, especially for the royals. Among Marathi brides, these sarees are a prized possession speaking of the rich heritage of their ancestors. You can find Paithani Silk Sarees in wide-ranging colors and designs. So, here is all you need to know about Paithani Silk Sarees.

History of Paithani Sarees

Each Paithani Silk Saree that you own has 2,000 years old history behind it. The city of Paithan was the center of silk and zari trade at the time. The art of weaving these intricate silk and zari sarees started in this town, originally for the royals. In fact, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb also promoted the art of hand-woven Paithani sarees. But it was actually the Peshwas who instilled the feeling of pride and heritage associated with these sarees. The town of Yeola near Nashik also came to be one of the top places known for Paithani sarees and this is the reason why sometimes these sarees are also referred to as Yeola Paithani Saree.

Features of Paithani Saree

The traditional Marathi Paithani Sarees were made with pure silk and zari but with the modern ones, you can find certain material and design variations. Before we discuss these, let us learn about the top features of a Paithani Silk Saree.

Silk and Zari Work

The traditional Paithani Sarees are hand-woven silk sarees that are adorned with ornamental golden threads known as Zari. You will find intricate zari work on the border and pallu of these sarees. In order to create a genuine nine-yard-long Paithani Saree, about 600 grams of pure silk and about 300 grams of zari threads would be required. One of the defining characteristics of a real Pathani Saree is that it looks the same on both sides.

Hand Weaving Technique

These beautiful sarees carry the heritage of Indian handloom and hand-weaving techniques. The entire process of dyeing the yarn and then weaving it is done by hand. Each genuine piece of Paithani Silk Saree speaks of the unhurried and intricate work that the weavers do. The weaving style is also uniquely known as the tapestry weaving technique, making it a delicate artwork. They have a shimmering double color effect. Nowadays the main body of the saree may be woven in a handloom but the border and pallu zari work is still done by hand.

Motifs and Designs

The traditional motifs on a Marathi Paithani Saree would usually include a peacock, lotus flowers, or parrots. But these were before the times of the Peshwas. When these silk sarees became popular among the Peshwas, Hans, Ashraffi, and Asawalli (blooming vines) came into being. Other designs like Bangadi Mor (peacock in bangle), Tota-Maina (parrot and myna bird), and Narali (coconut) also became popular. In fact, you can still find such a Paithani Saree online.

Modern Variations

Mostly, Paithani Silk Sarees are made with golden zari but you can now find some with silver zari as well. Material variations include Art Silk Pathani, Cotton Silk Paithani, and semi pure ones. Sarees with material variations may be much cheaper than the pure silk Paithani Sarees and carry the looks and feel of genuine ones.

Significance of Paithani Saree for Marathi Brides

Given the traditional importance of Paithani Silk Sarees, they are a must at any traditional occasion and festive moment. They are also worn by Marathi brides which is why wedding Paithani Sarees are also quite popular. These sarees carry a royal grace and make the bride stand out from the crowd. Paithani Sarees hold the same importance for Marathi brides as the Kanjivaram Sarees do for South Indian brides. A Paithani Silk Saree is also quite a practical choice for the bride as they are well-knit and there are no threads hanging hence there is no chance of tangling of threads with the accessories.

How to Style Your Designer Paithani Saree?

Paithani Silk Saree in itself is a glorious piece but when you style it with the right footwear or accessories the glow will be different. So, here are some ways how you can style your Paithani Sarees.

Pick the Right Hairstyle

The best way to put together your Paithani Saree look is to pick the right hairstyle for the occasion where you are wearing the saree. Buns and intricate braids are the classic way to go. You can also try ornamenting your hairstyle together with gajra or classic jewelry to be worn around your bun.

Accessorize glamorously

While the traditional brides would wear heavy golden or pearl jewelry with their Paithani Silk Sarees, nowadays women like to keep their look minimal. So it completely depends on the type of saree that you are wearing and how flamboyant you want your look to be. Heavy earrings and light or no neck jewelry are also a modern way to go. Bangles are also a very good accessory for your new Paithani Saree look.

Choose the Best Footwear

When it comes to sarees, the best footwear is not one that just enhances your look but one that you feel comfortable in. Metallic stilettoes, juttis with heels, and strappy sandals are the common picks with Paithani Sarees.

Paithani Silk Saree Care Guide

If you own a Paithani Saree, especially one that is made of genuine pure silk and costs you a fortune, you must not ignore the care tips. So, here are a few ways you can keep your Paithani Sarees fresh and new.

  • Wrap it in a soft cloth and store
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight; dry in the shade
  • Do not wash it frequently
  • Dry cleaning is the best option for these sarees

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we identify pure paithani?

Firstly, Paithani Sarees are handwoven and hence no two genuine Paithani Sarees would look the same. Secondly, the weavers use a unique weaving technique that ensures that Paithani Silk Sarees look the same on both sides. If you look at the opposite side of a fake Paithani Saree, you will find a mesh of threads. This is one of the best identifiers of a pure Paithani Saree.

How many types of Paithani Sarees are there?

Previously Paithani Sarees were only made with pure silk and zari. But now they are available in different silk blends. So if you talk about the material, you can find Cotton Silk Paithani Saree, Art Silk Paithani Saree, and more. Now if you talk about the motifs and designs, there are various types of Paithani Sarees. Some common designs are-

  • Peacock Motif
  • Hans Motif
  • Ashraffi Motif
  • Tota-Maina
  • Bangadi Mor
  • Asawalli

Why are genuine Paithani Sarees expensive?

The two main reasons why pure Paithani Sarees are expensive- are the silk used and the weaving technique. The weaving technique, especially, is very unique and dates back to over 2,000 years. This is why genuine hand-woven Paithani Sarees are quite expensive.