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Sequin Saree

Sequin sarees are quite popular as party wear sarees mainly because of their embellished look. Unlike most other sarees that are popular for their unique fabric such as Kanjivaram and Kota Doria, Sequin sarees became popular for their unique glittery ornamentation. A number of Bollywood celebrities can also be seen wearing heavy sequin sarees at events and parties. Reputed designers also do not shy away from experimenting with Sequin work on sarees and other dresses. So, let us talk about sequin sarees.

History of Sequin Sarees

These sarees originated from the Middle Eastern Countries where the embellishments were initially used on shoes or bags to give them a rich and elegant look. Later, designers started experimenting the same on fabric and hence sequin work sarees became popular. The word ‘Sequin’ comes from the Arabic word ‘Sikka’ that means coins. The glittery ornamentation used on sequin sarees is round and hence it took the name. Though these sarees do not have a rich Indian history, they were quick to get popularity especially for modern events, festivals and even for special evenings.

Features of Sequin Sarees

Here are some features of Sequin Sarees:

  • Sequin work saree is usually a net, georgette, silk or crepe saree on which such embellishment is done. However, other fabrics may also be used.
  • You will usually find the sequin work on the border and lower parts of the saree. However, full sequin sarees are also quite popular.
  • If you look for Sequin work saree, you could also find other smart-weave or other types of work on the sarees such as zari, mirror work, beads work, etc.
  • Though sequin sarees look very glitzy and glamorous, they are considered high maintenance because of the ornamentation.
  • Sequin sarees are available in varied designs and can also be made to order for different occasions.

Types of Sequin Work Sarees

Though Sequin Sarees would majorly differ on the basis fabric used (which we will discuss later in this article), here we will discuss the common types of designs on Sequin Sarees.

Sequin Border Sarees- These sarees only have sequin work on the border and hence they can be carried easily. Mostly, such sarees are unicolor but you can also find them in different shades. Sequin border sarees are well-suited for evening parties.

Full Sequin Sarees- Sarees with full sequin work on them are quite high-maintenance because of the delicate work done on them. They will have sequin work done in floral or geometrical designs throughout the saree. Such sarees are perfect for parties and special occasions in the evening.

Heavy Sequin Sarees- Heavy sequin sarees carry a much richer look because of the intricate work done on them. Usually heavy fabrics like silk or chiffon are used for heavy sequin sarees so that the embellishments can be easily held together without weighing the saree down. Heavy sequin sarees are best for weddings or traditional functions.

Apart from these, people also search for a particular color of sequin sarees with the most popular ones being golden sequin saree, black sequin saree, white sequin saree, red sequin saree, blue sequin saree and maroon sequin saree.

Fabric Used for Sequin Work Sarees

When you buy a sequin work saree, it is important to choose the fabric wisely. It should complement the ornamentation on the saree and not look out of place. Here are a few things to know about the fabric of sequin work sarees:

Chiffon Sequin Saree- Sequin work on chiffon sarees is very popular because their combined appeal is quite beautiful. Chiffon sequin sarees are perfect for those glamorous evenings. You can easily stand out in a party with one such saree.

Georgette Sequin Saree- Georgette sarees are also quite common and also much affordable than the chiffon or silk ones. These sarees also easily carry the embellishments because the fabric is durable and strong. For casual evening events, a Georgette Sequin Saree can make the perfect attire for you.

Organza Silk Sequin Saree- While all kinds of silk are not well suited for the sequin work, organza silk is quite commonly used. This is made from synthetic fibers and hence the prices are not too high. At the same time, organza is more durable than pure silk making it a great fabric for sequin work sarees.

Net Sequin Saree- Though these sarees came to popularity much later, designers have been trying all sorts of ornamentations on the net fabric. Net sequin sarees are also a glamorous option for evening parties.

Nylon Sequin Saree- Nylon is not preferred by many women as a saree material as they are entirely synthetic. However, for this very reason, nylon sequin sarees are available much affordable rates. So, if you are looking for something that is easier on your pocket, this could be the right choice.

How to Style Your Sequin Saree?

While sequin sarees themselves are quite glittery and glamorous, you can enhance your attire with the right combination of jewellery and accessories. So, here are a few tips on how to style your sequin saree:

Dress up a messy bun- The right hairstyle works like a perfect accessory for your saree look. And with sequin sarees, a sleek messy bun is what works wonders. But you must always see that the style suits your face shape as well. If a bun is not your style, open wavy hair also works great.

Accessorize with Long Earrings- If your sequin work saree is sleek and has minimal sequin work on it, long earrings will be good for you. Diamond jewellery also works really well with such sarees.

Choose the right blouse- Since a sequin saree itself carries a modish look, choosing the best blouse to go with it is quite important. Backless blouse, spaghetti blouse, halter neck blouse and knot style blouse would definitely enhance your sequin saree look.

Classy footwear matter the most- If your sequin saree does not have too much work on the border, you can go with shiny strappy sandals or high heels. However, if you are wearing a heavy sequin saree go for a simpler footwear.

Sequin Sarees Price List

As sequin work sarees are available in different fabrics and designs, their prices also vary accordingly. You can find affordable sequin sarees as well as full sequin work saree with prices a little on the higher side. Let us see some options:

Saree Price
‘Sequins and Thread’ Blue Organza Saree Rs. 2,499
‘The Golden Glitter’ Sequins Saree Rs. 2,499
‘Dual Shaded’ Sequin Georgette Saree Rs. 2,599
Gorgeous Sequins Georgette Saree- Green Rs. 2,449
Embroidered Georgette Saree Rs. 2,299
Sequins Embellished Printed Georgette Saree Rs. 2,749
Sequins Stripes Georgette Saree Rs. 1,989
Fiery Black Self Embroidered Georgette Saree Rs. 1,899
Glimmering Sanna Silk Sequin Saree Rs. 2,699
Ravishing Red Ruffled Sequins Georgette Saree Rs. 1,999
Triangles Threaded Nylon Net Saree Rs. 1,499


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FAQs about Sequin Sarees

What is sequin work?

Sequins are adornments made of metal or plastic which are sewn in a pattern to make a sequin saree. These sequins are usually round but they can be of other shapes as well.

What is the best occasion to wear a sequin work saree?

Sequin sarees are best suited for evening parties and casual occasions. They are usually not preferred for traditional events.

Where will I find affordable sequin sarees?

You can find affordable sequin work sarees in different styles and fabrics at Glamwiz. Click here to start your search for the best sequin saree.

How do you style a sequin saree?

Sequin sarees are perfect for an evening party and you can style it with strappy sandals, long earrings, minimal jewellery and a hairstyle that matches your face shape.

Can I get customized sequin work done on silk sarees?

Yes. Sequins work can be done on silk sarees.