Bollywood Celebrities often have major fan followings, mainly because of their talents, skills, nature, and most importantly for us, fashion and style. Our talented artists don’t fret to experiment with trends and often create their own in the process. And while they are very versatile and try on everything, sarees have always been their favourite piece of clothing.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite celebrity saree looks and trends.

Malaika Arora- Sequins Saree

More often than once, Malaika Arora has set fire to the stage because of her beauty and style. She is often the one setting the trends anew and this is one of those times. Sequin sarees have been around for a long time and it has again resurfaced to the trends. The equation of dreamy and classy, sequin sarees are a perfect choice for a party event. Pair it with some dangly earrings and high heels and you are good-to-go to make the statement. Put together with 3d embellished blouses or contrast blouse to amp up the look.

Deepika Padukone- Organza Saree

Deepika is an ever trend-setting diva and we love her for that. From Bollywood to Hollywood, she has made an impression of her fashion style everywhere. And this time she hopped onto the organza saree trend. Organza is a light, flowy material that gives off the feeling of dream and ease.

Organza is not our traditional saree that feels heavy and oozes off magnificence, it is the epitome of grace with leisure. Pair it up with any accessory like earrings, necklace or waist bands, it is a highly versatile outfit and will go with any accessory. Whether it’s a family function, or farewell party, ladies kitty party or playdate, this is the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Rekha- Kanjeevaram Saree

Every Bollywood fanatic is aware of Rekha’s iconic kanjeevaram style. The epitome of sheer grace and elegance, she has proudly worn kanjeevaram saree for decades and has done justice to it every single time. Kanjeevaram fabric is native to Tamil Nadu in India and any outfit made from it is a perfect ensemble for any and every kind of occasion. The saree that is comfortable, rich looking and delicate, kanjeevaram has been a favourite of most Indian women.

A smile is the best accessory you need to enhance your look with kanjeeveram sarees; but in case you do want to accessorise it a little, traditional jewellery is the best way to go. No matter what comes and goes, this one is sure to never go out of the trends, ever.

Diana Penty- Cocktail Saree

Want to wear a saree but not in the same, old, traditional style? Want to give it a western tadka? Well, Diana Penty shows just how to do it. Sultry cuts, long pallus and sensual cuts scream magic. The main idea of this style is to give a modern twist to the age-old fan favourite outfit. Imagery of lavish, trickle of plush, and a token of prolific, this saree is a must-have in an outgoing desi woman’s wardrobe.

Ladies are also pairing it with statement jewellery to accessorise further. Cocktail sarees are a fresh look to an already iconic style and they are bound to be one of the most popular outfits for quite some time.

Karishma Kapoor- Blazer Saree

Karishma Kapoor has been a fashion icon since the 90s and that has not changed even today. This time she has hopped onto the experimental express and tried out something with a saree, and we are loving it. Pairing a saree with a blazer is a unique and edgy fusion that is perfect for formal occasions like professional stance or traditional functions. The mix of innocent saree and bold blazer makes a deadly combo and brings a modern twist to the traditional attire.

This trend has been widely popular this year and loved by various influencers on social media.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra- Dhoti Saree

Shilpa Shetty is known to experiment with fashion and this is one of those many times when she managed to make a different style look amazing. Dhoti saree also called Kasta saree, is a combination of dhoti and saree. It is similar to the way the Maharashtrian nauvari saree is worn.

Dhoti sarees are quite a work to put together but they are certainly worth it. But nowadays, for ease, pre-stitched dhoti sarees are also available in the market. Accessorising always lifts up the look and this style isn’t exempted from that. Incorporating a waist belt will add extra grace and glam to the outfit, and it will also secure the pallu, talk about killing two birds with one stone. Some tips for this style include: The fabric should be flowy, the border shouldn’t be wide, it will work fine with a crop top or blouse and you’ll need leggings or fit skinny pants with this saree.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel