Sarees are an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe, especially the heavy ones, hoarded especially for special occasions like wedding, parties and ceremonies. Heavy Silk Sarees, a must-have Indian outfit that enhance your look in seconds. 

We always spend a good amount of money and time to buy a saree with good fabric, texture and look. However, when it comes about taking care of these expensive sarees, we always forsake it. Party wear heavy sarees, if not maintained properly can vanquish their shine and grace. Here are some helpful tips to maintain your heavy sarees to make them look gorgeous as always.

Tips to store and maintain Silk Sarees:

  • Wrap your silk sarees in a separate muslin or cotton cloth or hang the heavy ones like Kanjeevaram Silk sarees in the saree cover. The idea is to prevent the darkening of zari due to its reaction with the oxygen in the air.
  • Avoid piling up or stacking your saree on one another, hang them, instead, inside a cover. This will allow your saree to remain wrinkle-free. The reason is too much folding and piling up would form a lot of creases in the heavy sarees which can also result in the weakening of silk fibres
  • Keep your silk sarees in a cool dark place to prevent them from discolouring and fading.
  • Keep your partywear sarees away from any harsh chemicals, paints, or spray perfumes to avoid the degradation of the fabric.
  • Always fold your inside out to keep the embroidery of the saree from fading.

Tips to wash Silk Sarees:

  • Always dry clean your sarees when it comes about silk sarees. Never wash your sarees at home.
  • Do not wring or twist the saree to prevent the weakening of fibres. 
  • Dry them in a cool dark place to avoid the discoloration of the fabric. Hang in a shaded area to avoid fading. Silks dry very fast.
February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel