Clothes are an integral part of everybody’s life, especially women. Every girl loves to shop and dress up, no matter how busy our life is. However, when it comes about shopping there are less options in plus size clothing as compared to the standard-sized. Even though the rise of plus size clothing brands have made women aware about plus size styling norms, plus size women are still misguided while dressing up themselves. Read on to know the do’s and don’ts for a plus size woman.


  • Do dress for your body type, not your size


While shopping, we often look for the clothes according to our size (clothes that can hide the curvy area), thus, ending up hoarding the same sort of stuff. What should you do? Instead, determine your body type. There are different body types like pear, apple, diamond, oval, etc. Determine your body type and enhance your best curves. 

  • Do embrace your curves

Choose the clothes as per your body curves, i.e.  the curviest part of your body. For example,

  1. if your bottom part is curvy than the top area: Go for the fit and flare dresses and jumpsuits, fitted top paired with a-line skirt, etc. Avoid pencil skirts and cigarette pants.
  1. If your top part is curvy than the bottom: Go for the flared tops, off-shoulder necklines, scoop neck, pencil skirts, jumpsuits. 
  • Do take inspiration from plus size bloggers & celebrities

If you still can’t decide what type of clothing is or isn’t right for you, think about taking the inspiration from the bloggers or celebrities who have the body type similar to you. Plus- size bloggers like Sakshi Sindwani, Neelakshi Singh, Aashna Bhagwani are the few names among them. Moreover, there are some inspirational celebrities like Ashley Graham and Oprah Winfrey who always set the trend thereby encouraging body positivity. 


  • Don’t try to be someone else, just be you

Taking inspiration is good, but copying somebody else’s style is a big no no. Invent your own style. Look at how the bloggers dress up, what trends they follow, how they look stylish even with the basics, look into the details and then combine your own style with that.

  • Don’t be afraid to embrace fashion trends

When it comes about fashion, your size must never be a hindrance. Pull it off every trend with confidence, no matter what it is.

  • Don’t wait to lose weight to look stylish

We often think of losing weight just to fit into some stylish, trendy clothing. Well, style comes with confidence not size. Pull off your style like a true fashionista, no matter what your size is. Be proud of your curves, no matter what others say.

 You’re beautiful just the way you are!