Winters are here and most of you must have updated your wardrobe with clothing for the season. It is the time of year when you style up with more clothing than any other time of the year. It is also the time when we need to know how to keep ourselves updated with fashion and take care of whatever we are wearing. In this blog post we will share with you some interesting winter fashion hacks – these are tips and tricks related to winter clothing that will make you look at your very best. Do not leave reading the post till you read the last one.

The Tips and Tricks

Stronghold hairspray can be used to keep fibers of stockings and inner tights in place for temporary basis. Also the life of tights can be extended if you freeze them before wearing for the very first time. To do so, first wash and then remove the water. Then put them in a bag of plastic and afterwards freeze overnight. Thaw the tights in the morning and they are ready for use. The cold helps in making the fibers strong and hold good.

Pilling sweaters are a nuisance. They can be corrected by using a simple trick. Just rub them over using a pumice stone. It helps grabbing the pills but be careful not to run too close to the sweater. For this, use gentle strokes only to get the balls that have accumulated over the actual sweater surface. Similarly, the makeup sponge can be used to get rid of hairs from a fur coat.

Do you know how to make a sweater or pullover you bought loose that itchy feeling? We will share the secret with you. Take some hair conditioner along with white vinegar and soak the sweater in cold water mixed with the solution for about an hour. After rinsing let the sweater dry lying completely flat and once it dries it won’t feel that itchy!

Shedding sweaters are another problem. So what you do with them? Just keep them in freezer overnight. This tip works out well with wool and cashmere clothing.

In place of putting your winter clothing on hangers try folding them and then keeping on the hanger. This will help to remove any chances of unwanted stretching of sweaters.

The opinion Of Winter Fashion

Hair turning static is a common occurrence during winters especially when you wear winter caps. It can be easily eliminated by running a dryer sheet over the hair and clothing. Isn’t that a wonderful fashion hack!

Just like hair even clothes face static cling which is very irritating. So if you find that your dress is sticking to your tights just use a safety pin inside the dress which will help in breaking the static.

If you are using any leather clothing for winters do not fold them. For hanging use tissue papers to prevent hanger clamp indents.

Wish to know how to get rid of stains on your suede leather shoes? Just take a piece of stale bread crust and rub over the stains. No worries if the bread crumbles, your stains will surely vanish!

Never dry wet leather shoes or boots using a heater as it dries out the leather too resulting in unwanted cracks. So how do you dry your leather shoes in case they get wet? Just stuff them with some paper and put in an area which is nicely ventilated.

Salt stained boots can be removed using some water mixed with vinegar. To get rid of smelly shoes you can use things like tea bags, soda or white vinegar. This will neutralize the odour.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel