Imagine this- One sunny day, you open your wardrobe and amongst the latest, trendy outfits, you find your mother’s old kanjeevaram saree stacked in the corner that she gave you to wear on your farewell. You take it out and all the memories of your mother donning it like a goddess flashes before your eyes. And just like that, you decide to make it to use again because it has too much sentimental value to throw it away. Sounds familiar, right? Something like this has happened to almost every saree donning woman. After a while, when you have worn the saree an appropriate amount of times and you do not want to put it on any longer, you keep it in the corner of your cupboard because even though you have clothed it multiple times, it is way too beautiful to throw away.

But what if I tell you that you don’t have to lock it inside and that you can use it again without making it look like something you have adorned a thousand times before? Yes. You can restyle and/or redesign your old saree into something new and completely different.

Here is a list of restyling and redesigning options to choose from.

Western Outfits

You can redesign your old saree into western outfits like gowns, jumpsuits, Anarkali suits or perhaps a pair of crop top-skirt for an indo-western look with the help of a tailor. The outfits made out of sarees have a very novel and exceptional semblance while still retaining the original essence of the saree.

Half and Half Sarees

If you have more than one saree that you want to redesign, you can go for half and half saree as well. Take two kanjeevaram or banarasi sarees and stitch them together to create a new saree. You can take the body from one and pallu from another and voila! You’ve got yourself a brand new saree.

Reusing into something different

You can also reuse it for curtains, saree covers or cushion covers. If the saree is completely out of trend get it redesigned in cushion cover, saree cover, or curtain. Saree cover is a good choice as it can be used to store expensive sarees.


There are many ways to redesign your saree into something completely different, but if you don’t want to put a needle on your beloved and keep it intact, you can change your saree style.

Try to drape it differently from your normal draping style. The draping style can completely change the way a saree is perceived. If your normal style is butterfly draping, try on Bengali drape or open pallu or dhoti drape to refurbish your look.

You can try to pair it with a different blouse as well. Wear a different kind of blouse like shirt blouse, peplum style blouse, angarakha blouse or cape blouse and you are ready to step out with the whole different look in the very same saree.

So, these are a few ideas for you to renew your old saree into something grand and new. Sarees are not only a piece of cloth but it’s a sentiment, an emotion. It’s a souvenir of the love of our mothers and grandmothers that we receive in the form of sarees. Do you also have that old yet beautiful saree in your wardrobe you don’t want to dump? How are you going to redesign that old saree and which new look are you going to go for? Tell us in the comments below.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel