Saree is no more a women’s outfit!! Yes, you heard that right. It is becoming a men’s favorite and we are loving it!

A lot of male influencers on Instagram are nailing the androgynous fashion despite the hate they receive online on daily basis. Some are doing this in an epic way.

For so many people Indian men wearing a saree is hilarious and ridiculous but we have all grown up watching the desi men draping the saree without any worry while selling the saree to the women in a store when they go shopping. We don't find that thing funny or even troll them but then why is man get bullied and trolled when he expresses himself in an androgynous fashion. The men in the saree shops and every guy who thinks that his masculinity isn’t hurt by wrapping the saree on their body, or for that matter any clothing conventionally meant for women, are breaking the gender norms in a true sense.

Why Saree is becoming men’s favorite garment and here is why we think they’re right -

  • Saree is one of the oldest garments and is a symbol of Indian culture. With just a simple saree we can represent so much about our culture just like how Bongmunda (fashion influencer)  wore a saree in Milan and presented our culture in its true self without any shame.
  • Breaking a gender wall- Women have adapted male clothing throughout the years and broke the norm of styling male clothes and now men are doing the same thing by styling saree in their unique way and making it normal for all of us to wear whatever we feel to wear without thinking about gender.
  • Saree and its versatility- A saree has been around for over 5,000 years and has survived the times of cultural invasion and it isn’t just an outfit but also the oldest piece of clothing. We admire how Himanshu Varma has been promoting his thoughts about saree and wearing them for years.
  • We shouldn't ridicule the personal preference of males to wear saree because women are open to male clothing over the years. It was challenging for them as well to dress up like a male but we made it normal and now it's time to make saree normal for all be it male, female, LGBTQ and everyone.

Here are our favorite bloggers who are breaking stereotypes and are promoting sarees over other Indian garments and what they are trying to communicate with their looks.

Pushpak Sen: Pushpan is known as @thebongmunda on Instagram and posts some bomb pictures of makeup that he tries on regular outfits. On the occasion of Bengali New Year, he was seen wearing a saree and makeup which he posted on social media with a caption that shut the trolls before they could even start. He is not new in this trolling thing as in 2020 he went viral when he posted a picture of himself wearing a bold red lip and kohl-lined eyes. For this, his mother was slut shamed at a family gathering as she was wearing the same shade of lipstick but he stood by her side which earned a lot of support and love from netizens. He said that wearing a saree makes him feel closer to her mother as they are divided by continents.

He is truly representing the culture, roots, clan, and community he belongs to. Salute to the man who is speaking up and making saree gender-free.

Himanshu Varma: AKA Saree Man who presents corporate and edgy ways to wear a traditional garment without looking into what the gender cloth it is. His Instagram account is filled with inspiring ways to wear a saree in different ways, His style was first met with skepticism than with total excitement at the notion of unbound ways to recreating the fashion. He is been wearing a saree for the last 12 years to reclaim its gender fluidity.

He finds saree has great comfort and nowadays he loves to experiment with the sartorial identities.

Siddharth Batra: He loves to be a rule-breaker and his versatile sense of style breaks many stereotypes. In fact, his Bio also reads as “Fashion/Grooming rule breaker” & promoting #GuyBeauty. If you have been thinking that fashion is only meant for women then you should go ahead and check Siddharth’s IG feed to elevate the bar of styling sense. He has been styling sarees in so many ways and making in casual for all the males even females also follow him for styling tips on saree.

His style is quirky, unconventional, and OTT with the most experimental fashion.

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