Like every year this year also India was represented by many Indian celebs, entrepreneurs, models, influencers, and more on the Red carpet of Cannes 2022. Every year we see a few new and few old faces at the Cannes 2022 but this year do you think Indians have represented the Indian culture on the Red carpet.

Representing India outside the country is a pride thing and we always want to stay rooted in the culture we belong to and represent it in a way that the others adore our Nation.

Cannes 2020 focuses more on bringing up new fashion trends with unique and quirky outfits & makeup. This is the platform where we can represent India in our world-famous attire Saree which to our shock is loved by many people outside India. They adore the attire and find it different and interesting. 

Let’s see how they could have represented India in the best possible way:

  • Prints - Indian prints are so versatile that they can look so pretty on every design. A gown with a block print design on it or handwoven embroidery work on a Barbie dress will look excellent. This is how we as Indians are as well we blend in every culture keeping our touch behind on that culture when we leave the place. So bringing the prints on the platform will help the world know the prestige prints of India.
  • Designers - Indian designers are so creative that they have grown so much and turned the fashion industry upside down. Designers like Monisha Jaising, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Gaurav Gupta, and many more talented designers are in India who represent us proudly outside India. Cannes can be a turning point for any upcoming designer as they will be able to showcase their creative talent on a platform where their work will be recognized. 
  • Flashback to Indian styles- Designers or representations of Indians could have opted to recreate an iconic look from Bollywood with a touch of present fashion that would have created a great flashback look or a tribute look for Indian styles.

Let’s see the outfits at Cannes that made us proud Indian and where the Indian culture was presented so elegantly be it a saree or a gown.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan (2002)  in an eye-catching, bright mustard yellow and gold saree with heavy gold jewelry by designer Neeta Lulla.

A look that had mixed emotions 

Deepika Padukone (2022) Custom Sabyasachi couture black and gold saree.

She did opt for wearing Louis Vuitton outfits at the Cannes 2022 but she inclined for her Indian heritage with the stunning saree look representing the culture first and then her work. 

Diipa Khosla (2022) her 6th appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in a custom sari by designer Manish Malhotra- A true Indian by heart and soul who opted for an attire that is known as Indian in itself.

Huma Qureshi (2019) for her first Cannes look opted for a beautiful grey gown created by Gaurav Gupta.

These were just a few examples of when we felt proud to be an Indian where the celebs promoted Indian and its artist.

It's not only that you can represent India or grow the country by wearing a saree only but you can promote the art and artists of India on a global level, especially on such a big platform like Cannes where every eye is on you.

This is the time when we support Indian brands and Indian culture in other nations to grow the country. Let's not forget the roots we come from.