The elegance of a saree is at another level nothing can ever match with it. But with that the struggle of draping and pleating a saree is also real! This is the reason you will fall in love with the Pre-draped saree. It is like the name says it all: a saree that can be instantly worn. Pre draped or ready to wear sarees are a must have for every woman be it a wedding hopper or a newly wed bride.

Today’s generation loves to wear saree in a different way but draping and pleasing the sarees is a real challenge for them as we are always on a hurry and need to get ready easily and also it should be something easy to carry and although you have a dozen of beautiful sarees in you wardrobe you end up wearing a kurta or salwar suit in a wedding or any occasion just because you don’t know how to wear a saree and their is no one who can help you out and that’s when you need these ready to wear sarees in your life to make it easy and stylish both at the same time.

The pre-draped sarees have made their debut appearance in the early and mid 2000s. The Idea of these ready to wear sarees were later popularized by the Indian working women. Today we have different varieties of ready to wear saree. It is readily available in a plethora of patterns, fabrics, designs, colors, and styles. The ready to wear saree takes around 1 minute to wear.

Let’s talk about why you should Invest in a pre-stitched saree.

  1. Best suited for the women’s who don’t have much knowledge on how to drape and pleat a saree.
  2. Working ladies can easily make use of these sarees as they are less time consuming and they can focus on their work more rather than getting worried about how to wear a saree.
  3. Pre-stitched sarees can be worn by anybody without any worry of getting the pleats right or the fuss of tucking it and adjusting the pallu length.
  4. From different styles to different occasions there is a ready to wear saree available for you. We get a lot of fashion styles in the pre-stitched sarees like lehenga saree, saree with frill borders, dhoti style saree, cascading pleated saree etc.
  5. The best thing about pre-stitched sarees is that it gives the wearer a slimmer and sophisticated look.
  6. One pre-drape saree can fit any size with any alteration.
  7. No need to invest in an underskirt or a petticoat with these sarees as pre-stitched sarees are like skirts with pleats which are already lined.

Women love everything that is basic, casual, effortless and functional. A big thanks to all the Indian designers for changing and evolving the paradigm of Indian saree in today’s era. Fashion has indeed changed a lot and for the better, we’d say!

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel