Any outfit can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories. No outfit is complete without accessories, and the same goes with the sarees? Have you ever imagined dressing up in a saree without jewelry, bindi or gajra? No right. We do have questions on what accessory will go well with a particular style of saree, don’t worry we got you covered.

The sheer elegance of the sari is not just based on what material you have worn or have you have draped it or how the pallu has been made but also how you have accessorized it. Right from the top to the bottom you can style yourself with jewelries and it can totally change your look in seconds from disaster to elegant.

Generally the gen z or the people in their 20s-30s wear sari on some special occasion. It can be a wedding, engagement or some event. We can surely take some inspirations from our Bollywood celebrities like Late Sridevi, her style in saris and styling them were top notch, Kangana Ranaut also gives a major guidance when it comes to styling accessories with saris.

Let’s talk you through some ideas on how you can accessorize yourself while wearing a saree.

Belts: It is not a new thing but just a replacement to our traditional kamarbands. You can drap your pallu and secure it with a chic belt over your belly. They come in different varieties. You can style the plain ones or studded with semi precious stones or you can even try the belts that are indo western. Belts can change the entire look of the sari.

Statement Jewellery pieces: Indian market is full of accessories that can be paired with a sari. Especially for getting ready for wedding you can style your saree with some heavy maang tikka and jhumkas if you are not a fan or neckpieces and tie a bun of your hair and do not forget to add some flowers to it. That will elevate your look greatly. And if you are not a person who likes to wear heavy jewelry on the head or ear, we got your back. You can try out a choker necklace paired with a long necklace that enhances your neck and the outfit. Also don’t forget to add a simple maang tikka if you wish to go more elegant with your look.

For a simple look you can just add some jhumkis and a gajra to your hair. That will be a simple yet chic look and carry it with a smile.

Next up are Brooches and Pins: We usually use the normal safety pins that hold our pallu but why not try a brooch this time. They are available in various designs and patterns, heavy or small whatever you like. Just replace it with your safety pin and you are good to go.

We have shared some great ideas with you on accessorizing the saris but we have kept the best for last. So ready to know what it is. A Bindi, Yes! You read it correct. A bindi and a sari is a match made in heaven. Never forget to put a bindi on when you are wearing something Indian. It changes the way you look in such a good way.

Beauty is in small things. Carry yourself with confidence and smile on your pretty face you will eventually look like a princess.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel