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What can be better than a pure Kanjeevaram saree for a bride to be! However, finding that ideal Kanjivaram silk saree can be a little straining when there are too many options in the market. Kanjeevaram silk sarees are one of the most popular sarees among brides. Crafted in pure gold zari, Kanjivaram sarees have an elegant sheen and glimmer. With the rise in demand, these days you can find a lot of immitations of Pure Kanchipuram saree in the market. These immitations have the same resemblance of pure silk saree in terms of look and texture. In addition, there are lots of shopkeeper who dupe the customers by selling the immitations. We get a lot of queries from women around about the ways to identify the Pure Kanchipuram sarees from the fake ones. Hence, here we are with a guide to know the genuineness of Pure Kanchipuram silk saree.

Essential Factors to identify Pure Kanchipuram saree

  • Touch Test

Rub your palm on your kanchipuram saree to check the saree’s texture. As we are aware, a pure Kanchipuram saree is made from pure mulberry silk, which is different in texture as compared to fake ones. A pure Kanchipuram saree will always feel soft when rubbed gently without any unevenness. Fake Kanjeevaram saree will always have unevenness and will be slightly coarser than the genuine Kanchipuram. Moreover, a genuine Kanchipuram saree will always feel warmer when rubbed for the few seconds. While, there is no change in temperature of immitation Kanchipuram sarees.

  • Lustre Test

The most convenient method to identify a pure Kanjeevaram saree is by its lustre. An artificial silk can never match the shine of a saree crafted from pure silk. Pure Kanchipuram saree gives a different shade when viewed from different angles. Since, pure gold zari is used in the weaving of pure kanchi pattu saree, the lustre of a handloom silk saree is unmatchable.

  • Zari Test

Pure zari saree is made of red thread twisted with a silver thread which is then dipped into gold to form pure gold zari. To test the real zari, scratch your saree’s zari, if red threads appear after scratch, zari is pure gold zari. In contrast, when you scratch fake Kanchipuram saree white threads may appear.

  • Silk Mark

Pure Kanchipuram sarees that are handwoven by weavers are silkmark certified. Silkmark is a goverment certification authorized to the pure silk sarees manufacturers. Before buying a saree, always check its hallmark to know about its authenticity.

  • Burn Test

Pure silk is made from the mulberry silk made by the silkworks. Burning some strands of pure silk will leave a smell like burt hair. To test the silk’s authenticity, take a few strands of threads from your saree and burn it. Threads of pure Kanchipuram silk saree will form a powdery ash. Whereas, threads of fake silk saree when burnt will leave a residue.

  • Weaving Test

Another effortless method to check the authenticity of a pure zari Kanchipuram is by noticing its weaving patter. A pure Kanchipuram saree is handwoven and therefore, will have uneven weaving pattern when noticed carefully. However, powerloom made fake Kanchipuram will be even and accurately woven. Besides, you can turn over the pure Kanchipuram silk saree to analyze handweaving patterns. A handwoven saree will be smooth from the wrong side as compared to the fake ones.

  • Check Edges

While buying a pure Kanjeevaram silk saree, rub your hand over the edges of the saree. Pure Kanjeevaram saree, made from mulberry silk will always have smooth edges and more finished.