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India is known as the land of culture and tradition, and saree being the most traditional Indian attire is loved by all cultures alike. Saree is the only attire that has been constant over the years. A woman looks most elegant and timeless in a saree. There are different varieties of saree in terms of fabric and cultural importance and so are the draping styles. While there are a myriad number of draping styles, only few can add an elegant spin to your ordinary look. Parsi drape, Bengali’s Athpourey shari, Maharashtrian’s Nauveri, Nivi drape and many more. We have shortlisted 10 such draping styles from the states of India. Let’s take a closer look!

Draping styles in different states

Parsi Drape

As the name suggests, this draping style is popular among Parsi women. Also known as Gol saree, parsi drape is traditionally worn after the saree Perawani ceremony among the Parsi community. Sarees in lighter fabrics like georgette and chiffon are preferred for Parsi draping style. Sarees in Parsi daping are best styled with simple classic jewels like pearls. Like other draping styles, you need to wear a petticoat in gol saree style.


Nauvari saree, Maharashtra

The 9-yards long Nauvari draping is the most different draping style as it gives a whole new look to the wearer. Maharashtrian Nauvari saree is generally 8 to 9 metres long as compared to the normal 5.5 metres long saree. There are different styles in nauvari saree like Brahman style, Marathi drape, and Lavani style. Not only does this particular style make women look powerful, but it also allows smooth leg movements.

Nivi Drape, Andhra Pradesh

The modern draping style is an adaptation of Nivi saree drape, traditionally worn in Andhra Pradesh. Nivi draping style is no longer considered regional as the style is widespread among the women around the globe. This draping style accentuates the curves very well and looks extremely elegant.


Seedha Pallu, Gujarat

Seedha Pallu is known as the most popular draping style, worn by the women in Gujarat. The traditional saree style has become a metaphor for women in rural saree style. Generally, older women prefer seedha pallu drape across India. Apart from the ease of draping, seedha pallu style is very comfortable as compared to other draping styles.

Athpourey, Bengal

Also known as Bengali saree, Athpourey drape can be differentiated with two pallu coming from back to the front. The draping style has popularized immensely and therefore, worn by women of other communities. Athpourey drape is a considered signature saree for Durga Puja among bengali women. Traditionally, Bengali women hang a bunch of keys at the end of the pallu thrown to the right shoulder

Mekhela Chadar, Assam

Mekhela Chador or Mekhela Sador is a saree draping style that hails from Assam. The Assamese saree style is worn by the beauties of Assam only. This saree drape consists of two parts, Mekhela, the pleated bottom portion across the waist. And chador, forms the top portion. Mekhela Chador is notably the most comfortable draping style which makes a look regal.

Madisaru, Tamil Nadu

The 9-yards long Kanjeevaram, known as Madisar, traditionally worn by the women of the Brahmin community in south India. During Ancient India, Women like Jhansi’s Queen Laxmibai fought enemy troops on horseback, wearing a nine-yard sari. Unlike other draping styles, Madisar sarees are worn without petticoats. Although difficult to drape, trouser-like draping provides ease to work and move around. Brides hailing from the Iyengar community usually wear this drape during wedding.


Kapullu, Andhra Pradesh

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Kapullu saree style has a Grecian resemblance. Older women of Kapullu region are known to wear this style saree. Kapullu sarees are draped in different directions, from left to right, as compared to the conventional right to left draping.

Coorgi, Karnataka

Coorgi saree also known as Kodagu Style saree or Kodava Attire hails from Karnataka. The saree is worn along with the matching head cloth. Coorgi drapes are recognized from its front pallu tucked over the shoulder. Most brides in Karnataka drape their Kanjeevaram sarees in Coorgi style.


Dhangad, Goa

A type of knee-length short drape popularly known as shepherds drape worn in Goa. The secure draping style was considered appropriate for herding in the forest.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel