Gone are the days, when women were bound to follow the norms. Women today are more interested in looking different from the lot while keeping up with the office standards. Saree is preferred by most of the working women for office wear owing to the comfort it offers. In addition, there are many organizations which have prescribed sarees as their dress code to maintain the office decorum. However, the only thing that comes up- which sarees are suitable to be worn at office?

The foremost rule of wearing an office wear saree is the color chart. Bold and bright colors are a big no when it comes to work. Choose the subtle colors like pastel colors, earthy tones, or neutrals. For example, beige, brown, baby pink, grey, sky blue, are to name a few.

Secondly, pick the prints wisely- formal yet trendy. Stripes, checks, kalamkari, paisley floral are the most popular choices among work wear sarees. Geometrical prints are a favorite of the majority of working women. Further, you can also opt for solid sarees with medium-sized borders. Never ever pick the big bolder prints such as big florals, animal prints, or watercolour washes.

Thirdly, choosing the right fabric is very important. To look professional, it’s important you choose fabric with the right thickness. Cotton, Raw Silk, Linen, Tussar, are lightweight and crisp, therefore, considered best for work wear.

Let’s discuss in detail which fabrics are best suited for work wear sarees:

Best Fabrics for Office Sarees:

  • Cotton Sarees

For both summers and winters, cotton is the most comfortable fabric for work wear. Due to the breathability and coolness of cotton fabrics, many working women, especially government officials prefer cotton sarees. Moreover, cotton sarees are available in different varieties and prints in the market.Cotton sarees in checks are the hottest these days among women. However, if you don’t like to flaunt prints, you may opt for the solid, plain cotton saree.

  • Raw Silk

Raw Silk sarees are crisp and lightweight sarees, popularly worn as daily wear among women. Sarees in raw silk mostly come in geometrical prints like checks, leheriya and stripes. Working women in South India, prefer raw silk sarees as their working uniform due to its lightness and ease of draping. Besides, raw silk sarees are crease resistant as compared to other sarees. Amp up your office look in a raw silk saree by pairing it up with a shirt blouse.

  • Linen Sarees

Linen fabrics are very cool, hence, preferred mostly in summers. Sarees in linen come in varied prints and colors. Apart from, linen saree is also available in blends such as Linen cotton and linen silk. The properties of linen sarees are very similar to cotton saree, except the softness which is less in linen.

  • Tussar Silk

The beauty of tussar silk sarees lies in its versatility. Tussar silk sarees have a natural lustre and softness. Sarees in tussar silk are available in varied prints and textures. Pick the small prints in earthy hues, you may also go with the solid tussar sarees with heavy printed border.

  • Georgette Sarees

As we know, georgette sarees are the lightest sarees, worn mostly in summers as a daily wear saree. However, when it comes about office wear, you must be picky about the right kinds of prints. To look sophisticated, choose the overall printed georgette sarees in light, subtle shades.

Besides, sarees’ fabric, picking the right kind of blouse is also essential. For office, pick the blouses with less neck depth ranging between 6 to 7 inches as compared to normal blouse d

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel