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A lot has been said about choosing the right color and skin tone, or about a particular color which accentuates your skin tone. Sometimes we act so fussy regarding colors while shopping, however, have you ever wondered what color is perfect for your skin tone or why you look so dull in one color and the brightest in the other. The reason is your skin tone and your undertones. Analyzing your undertones as warm and cool seems to be confusing sometimes. To avoid such complications, skin tones are divided in four categories: Light, Medium, Olive and Dark.

Whether your skin is pale, medium, fair or dark, picking outfits according to your skin tone can help you in a great way to always look perfect. Read on this complete guide to know colors perfect for a particular skin tone.

Colors perfect for a particular skin tone

Light skin tone

If you have a fair skin color then it can have either warm undertone like red, peach, pink or cool undertones like green, blue, etc. with no color at all in your cheeks.

For warm undertones


  1. Sarees in beige and tan colors are great for you.
  2. Colors like emerald green, olive, darker shades of blue and wine will highlight your skin.
  3. Light shade sarees like pink, red and green are best suited for you.
  4. White and black are perfect for warm undertones.


Avoid sarees in neon colors as they’ll clash with your skin making them look too pale.


For cool undertones


  • Sarees in shades of pink and wine are perfect for you.
  • Wear emerald, gold and darker shades of blue.


  • Avoid metallic colors.
  • Do not wear black and white as they’ll make you look pale.
  • Avoid neon colors.

Bonus tip: If you want to wear colors (not suitable for your skin), then do add on an outerwear or a scarf or something opposite to the color of your saree.


Medium skin tone

If you have a medium skin tone avoid colors that may hide your skin tone. You should think more of the contrast as contrasting colors would highlight your skin tone.


  • Prefer sarees in brighter and deeper hues like dark red, olive, electric blue, turquoise, emerald green, deep purple and pink.
  • Neon colors are perfect for people with medium-skin tone.
  • The blue family works great for medium skin tone.
  • Metallic shades are made for this skin color.



  • Do not wear beige, browns and blacks as it will make your skin tone unflattering.
  • Avoid shades of grey and other darker hues.
  • Stay away from sarees in oranges, peaches, caramel and very pale shades.

Olive skin color

If you’ve an olive skin color you can wear any color from neon to pastels, from metallic to neutrals. Olive skin color can pull off any color. Each and every color looks flattering on your skin tone.


  • The best color for olive skin is pink. Hence, prefer bright colors.
  • Wear sarees in brighter shades of orange, red and lime as these will bring out your undertones perfectly.
  • Whites, metallic and neon would look fabulous on you.


Almost all the colors are perfect for medium skin color. Shades of grey must be avoided.

Dark skin tone

You need to make a very little effort in order to make people notice you. First of all, avoid wearing all the colors that match your skin tone. Brighter shades, pastels and neon color are perfect for your skin tone.


  • Pastel shades of purple, orange, pink and blue are perfect for your skin color.
  • Brighter hues like electric blue, orange and bright red would look fabulous on your skin.
  • Metallic colors like gold and silver are best for you.
  • Experiment with khadi color.
  • Wear sarees in lighter shades of beige.


  • Say ‘no’ to white.
  • Avoid wearing darker hues.
  • Do not wear sarees in brown and grey.
February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel