Salwar kameez is a classic Indian fashion that is most popular among all the age groups. However, when it comes about shopping unstitched suits online we often get confused between ready made or unstitched options available in salwar kameez. Read on, to know why you should buy unstitched salwar kameez over ready made ones.

  • Quality

When it comes about ready made salwar suits or kurti, you don’t know the quality of the stuff you like and ultimately you have to buy the stuff irrespective of its quality. However, while buying unstitched suits, you can choose through the different qualities available categorized in accordance to the price range and fabric thickness.

  • Design as per your choice

Shopping Unstitched suits allows you to explore through latest trends and designs in neck, back and sleeves, and therefore, you can get the one stitched for yourself in accordance to that as per your preference  and taste.

In contrast, ready made suits offer you limited options design-wise and sometimes the designs offered are also out of trend.

So what would you prefer, personalized salwar kameez which is latest  or the one in outdated designs?

  • Fit

We all are different beings, and so our body types. Ready made salwar kameez or kurti are manufactured according to the standard sizes, which may or may not fit us perfectly. Problem that often comes in ready made kurtis is irregular fit, i.e., fitted from the shoulder and loose at the waist or vice versa. With tailor made salwar kameez (unstitched salwar suits) you can get that perfect fit, getting it stitched in your body measurements.

  • Cost effective

Have you ever shopped something pricey but didn’t seem worthy as per the quality standards? Unstitched suits are cost effective when compared to ready made suits that are often priced above INR1999. Not only that, it’s worth it to buy unstitched suits that come with benefits like custom fit, quality standards, fabric preference, custom designed, and whatnot. 

Why buy from Glamwiz?

We, at Glamwiz, not only sell clothing but also quality. Moreover, we believe you should buy from our collections because we offer:

  • Exclusive designs
  • Quality guarantee
  • Affordable collection
  • Premium fabric
  • Stitching assistance
February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel