Season of festivities is knocking at the door. DIWALI marks the celebration of victory of good  over evil and light over darkness. Therefore life also must be filled with color and light just like Diwali night so it's time for curating a festive wardrobe to bring in the festival of lights with some glam, style and fashion buzz. Indian fashion is a complex language of glamour, modesty and flawless classic ethnic wears and “ a classic never goes out of style.”
First outfit choice for every Indian women during any festival is usually a saree because nothing is more elegant, charming and appealing than a beautiful six yards of fabric.
Top Trending Sarees You Can Wear For Diwali 2022-
  1. Organza Sarees: Organza sarees are lightweight, soft touch, sheer, usually made of silk and give a classy look. Various options are available ranging from printed, embroidered, pastels etc. making it a perfect fit for any occasion from traditional drapes to party wear. One of the best choice of sarees which is not going out of trend soon.
  2. Pleated Sarees: Pleated sarees give a modern outlook as they are of flowing nature, intensifying women’s natural curves and accentuating their beauty. Glamwiz has a range of pre-pleated sarees that you can choose from as it saves the last-minute hassles of draping and look pleasing.
  3. Leheriya & Bandhej Sarees: The most time-honored sort of sarees. They are basically variants of tie and dye pattern and because of their vibrant and traditional appearance they never go out of fashion trends.
  4. Ombre Sarees: They are the contemporary Indian drape sarees in which color grading is the core essence of it. They can also be embellished with sequins giving it a festive look.
  5. Floral Embroidered Sarees: Florals define fun with fashion as it embraces the romance of nature. Raise your style quotient with floral embroidered sarees. They are conventional, colorful, subtle, everlasting hence safest festive pickup.
  6. Big Border Silk Sarees: Silk sarees are perfect example of timeless masterpieces. Their smooth, tender yet glossy texture leaves a lasting impression. They are an ideal pick for all women as it suits any skin tone, body type and even age. Silk sarees with big or broad borders look rich, luxurious and sleek. Glamwiz has wide range of silk sarees to choose from which are even pre-draped making it easy, ready-to-wear.
So make this Diwali more vibrant, radiant and glamorous with these approved styles because saree is a way to flaunt who you are without having to say it.
    Women of India - Breaking the Bias

    Women of India - Breaking the Bias

    The history of India and the women of India is full of Pioneers who have broken barriers like gender biases and worked hard for their rights to make progress in fields like politics, science, arts, law, etc.

    On the eve of International Women’s Day, we are sharing the stories of 5 women who in a decidedly gender unequal world made their way and empowered and inspired many lives. With the work they do and their lives, they have shown us how we all can come together to #Breakthebias which is the theme of this year’s Women’s Day.

    These SheTheHeros have shown us that women are capable just as men can achieve anything they put their heart and mind to. These women have not just achieved individual milestones but have also contributed significantly to society to impact it positively.

    Let’s celebrate this day with these women who have dared to dream big and imagined a more gender-inclusive and diverse world.

    1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw - Women who changed the face of Biotechnology in India

    Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was nominated in the #WomenInLeadershio Campaign for Gender STIs, which celebrates women leaders in the field of technology, science, and innovation by the Euro India Research Centre in India.

    She is the Executive Chairperson of India’s largest biopharmaceutical company ‘Biocon’. The first generation entrepreneur and global business leader with over experience of four decades in biotechnology. She started this journey of passion in 1978 from her small garage in India and today that journey is changing lives for the better across the world.

    She had a strong sense of purpose to make a difference and the determination to buck the trend of Indian women who run a corporation. She had started a group of companies that are engaged in serving millions of patients across the globe by enabling affordable access and providing cutting-edge research services to leading global life sciences companies.

    1. Mithali Raj - The Pride of Indian Cricket Team

    Raj said in a statement on her Twitter handle that “Women in sport are powerful catalysts of change and when they get the appreciation they deserve, it inspires change in several other women wanting to achieve their dreams" "I sincerely hope that my journey inspires young girls all across the country to pursue their dreams and know that only when you dream can you make it happen."

    Mithali Raj having captained the women in blue has become synonymous with Women’s cricket in India. This women cricketer has wowed the world with her finesse in a sport that was rather considered male-oriented. She became an inspiration for each and every woman cricketer dreaming of wearing a blue jersey and the chance to represent India on the international platform.

    She has also quotes that the biggest challenge that she faces while starting her journey into cricket in the 90s was that her immediate family members were not very keen that she has got into sports.

    But there was no looking back for her once she started her Journey with Cricket.

    1. Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Not just a Star for Bollywood & Hollywood but a star of India

    Priyanka’s journey from a beauty pageant to a famous celebrity looks glamorous but she has fought her fights whenever there was inequality whether it be for the education for her maid’s girl child or be it supporting UNICEF or even be it inequality on the sets of film or people judging her on her looks. She stood for herself and for others.

    As a woman and Indian immigrant, Priyanka has been specifically active in supporting the campaigns that are surrounded by adolescent girl’s rights in India where she has also helped UNICEF publicize the Dare to Care campaign where the moment was aimed to demand improvement of the lives of marginalized young women. Bein an ambassador of UNICEF she also voices her support for the “End Violence against Children” campaign which raises awareness about child marriages and physical, emotional, and sexual violence that young women in India face.

    1. Kiran Bedi - A fearless Women

    Kiran Bedi has many titles to her name that have otherwise considered not a good fit for a woman because it's a field of men.

    She is an Indian politician, former tennis player, social activist, and retired police officer. Kiran Bedi was the first woman IPS officer of India who won the President’s police medal in the year 1979. She is a woman of many accolades who inspired millions of young girls to take a stand and not let anyone else reign their lives.

    Apart from this journey, this courageous woman has also won the Magsaysay Award. Closing it on the sentence that she has proven that women are not just meant for the household work.

    1. Captain Radhika Menon - First Female Merchant Navy Captain

    Captain Radhika Menin started her journey as a radio officer which progressed o a deck office and later she was appointed as Master of the Sampurna Swarajya.

    In the year 2012, Radhika Menon broke the stereotype and became the first Indian woman captain in the Merchant Navy. After she saved seven fishermen who got lost at the sea she was facilitated by the Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea from the International Maritime Organisation in 2016.

    Not just these 5, but India has many incredible women who have broken the bias and made their presence in the field where only men used to rule. It is not about Men or Women but it is about equality and growing together to become strong.