The nine yards of saree is an epitome of grace. Sarees are worn by women mostly on special occasions like festivals, weddings, ceremonies or parties. Every woman wants to look her best in a traditional saree look. Hairstyles play a major role in enhancing the overall look, especially when it comes about women’s attire. However, it’s not easy to choose a particular hairdo owing to our different face shapes. You must have noticed that you look attractive in specific hairstyles while dull in the others. Besides, you can’t pick a particular hairstyle with any saree like that. For example, the best suited hairstyles with kanjeevaram silk saree is Gajra Bun, you can’t opt for curls or half hairdo as it would dull your overall look. Read on to know more about the best Indian hairstyles for a saree according to your face shape.

Stylish Indian Hairstyles for Saree

Gajra Bun

No other saree can beat the elegance of Kanchipuram silk sarees. Hence, if you want to style your conventional silk sarees, gajra buns are always a best choice. Gajra buns look very elegant with all types of silk sarees like banarasi silk or bridal kanchipuram saree. It takes less than a minute to create a gajra bun, just tie your hair neatly in a bun and accessorize it with a gajra. In addition, gajra buns are always recommended with the heavy sarees particularly, with silk sarees so as to elevate the overall look. Avoid gajra buns on printed or lightweight sarees like chiffon, georgette and net. Besides, you can go for the sleek bun or the messy bun as per your hair texture.

Suitable face shapes: Gajra Bun is a versatile hairdo and suits every face shape.

Low Ponytails

The most easy-breezy hairstyle, low ponytail is very easy to carry and is a trending hairdo these days. If you like to keep your hair simple, low ponytails are well suited for you. Again, a low ponytail is very easy to do and takes much less time. You can go with either a sleek ponytail or the messy one. Moreover, on printed sarees, you can style the hairdo with a scarf to add a retro touch.

Suitable face shapes:Small- faced women must opt for the sleek ponytails, you can make a pouf to add length to your face. Women with big foreheads must opt for messy hairdos.

Fishtail Braids

Jazz up your boring saree with messy fishtail braids. Fishtail braids add on a modern touch to your saree giving an overall chic look. You can style the messy braid with mogra flowers, or twisting garland in your braid. The hairdo looks elegant with the bridal kanchipuram silk sarees or other silk sarees.

Suitable face shapes: Messy fishtail braids suit best on oval face shape. Women with square faces should avoid this hairdo.

Puffed up Bun

The most favorite hairdo of Deepika Padukone, puffed up buns are very charming. Puffed up bun can easily enhance the look of any saree. This hairstyle is befitted for all types of occasions, be it a wedding or a party. For wedding ceremonies, you can accessorize the bun with a gajra.

Suitable face shapes: Puffed up buns add length to your face, hence, women with small faces must pick this hairdo.

Side Braids Bun

Nowadays, side braids are very popular among college girls and working women. You can extend the side braids into a bun to suit your saree well. These days, there are varied artificial accessories available in the market for braids’ buns. Pick the accessories that best compliment your saree. Side braid buns are well suited for parties, weddings and festivals.

Suitable face shapes: Side braid buns are well suited for all face shapes.

Top Knot

Another trending hairstyle, top knot is one of the celebrity-approved hairstyles. Give a fascinating touch to your saree with top knot hairdo. If you are opting for a simple saree, then you must pick this hairstyle. Top knots look best in parties or with daily wear sarees.

Suitable face shapes: Women with small face must opt for top knots so as to add length to their face.

February 05, 2022 — Saloni Goel